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jemima is fed up!

havin a rotten day...... been college.....house is a state......head's killin......... dont know what to make the family for tea.........had a very bad weekend points wise........ dreading wi.......skint........feel fat.....tired.... apart from that everything's ok ...:cry::cry::cry:
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Oh no! Poor you...I think we all have days like that, and I think it's fair to say - they suck!

When is your weigh in - tonight? If so, then good luck! x


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hug, tomorrow will be a better day. start fresh tomorrow


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awwww hun here you go................

sun xx


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Awww hun I bet we can all totally relate! Have a hee-uge ((hug)) from me :)


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Awww, i hate days like that! No time to turn around! .. or so it feels! ...
Write today off as a BLIB! ..
maybe have a soak in the bath try and soothe away that headache of yours and start fresh tomoroW

Huggles xxx


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Hope you're have a better day Jemima
thanx to you all for your replies. put on 1.5lbs at weigh in and have been awful since! Felt a bit ashamed comin on here and admitting i've beeen so bad and i've not even got started on my weight loss. Suppose that's why i've had a weight problem for so long... can't seem to stop eating when i feel down and then it's so hard to get back on.

Gave myself a good talking to today.... i'll count every point tomorrow and forget what's gone. (May have to do away with my ticker tho..feel ashamed):wave_cry:
Hi Jemima,
Sorry to see you're feeling crappy.
It's so hard to get back in the zone isn't it once you have a couple of bad days.
Keep coming on here, it's a great distraction and you're talking to people who know what you're going through.
Chin up mate
L x
I agree Jemima, sometimes when i have had a bad day it can really affect the whole week, you just feel so disheartened and feel like whats the point..... but you CAN do this, i adore eating and am sooooooo greedy so if i can do this anyone can lol

Chin up hun :D

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