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jemimarobins refeed diary

S: 15st10lb C: 11st10lb G: 8st8lb Loss: 4st0lb(25.45%)
Hello, I decided to start refeedng today as since my weigh in on weds my weight has just not moved, i'm not sure if it's because this time on lipotrim i dont have as much to lose as before but i have been so hungry the last few days and couldnt deal with the light headedness and faints and feeling hungry and not losing anymore even though i'd been 100%.

I realise i dont just want to be slim, i want to get my fitness back after my botched operation last summer and the main programme was just not giving me enough strength to do this. I've lost just over a stone which has taken me nicely into the 10's which is the kick up the bum and confidence booster i needed. So i'm refeeding today and hoping it doesnt all pile back on again but in fact keeps going down!

I'm out of the 'obese' category and just 'overweight' now lol and i've got a way to go before i am in a 'healthy' weight bracket - 10.9 down to 9 st 7 (16lbs) which I'm not going to lose as quickly on maintenance but i wasnt really losing anymore anyway and would rather have more energy to exercise than sit there wasting away!

so here goes.

refeed day 1 so far I have had:

vanilla shake with coffee

later i plan to have:

maintenance bar

4oz chicken and small salad.

today i am going to buy some small bowls as i think smaller portions will be easier this way and are certainly the way forward- going to aim towards 6 small meals!

Things I want to focus on while i get back in to food are:

Not eating late at night (ie not eating right before bed/ getting out of bed to eat)

keep glugging loads of water, this really does help weight loss and feeling good either way you look at it.

keeping up exercise at home- skipping, toning and running/swimming when I can.

not 'rewarding' myself with food, especially on a friday evening- it is not the answer to my problems.

stop scoffing food on my own. if i cant eat it in front of my daughter then i shouldnt be eating it at all- bring any treats out into the open rather than them remaining my guilty personal secret.

take as much care with my eating as i take with my daughters as i give her healthy sized portions, healthy snacks and occasional treats to always eat at the table with her instead of slouching on the sofa.

to not look foward to an evening on my own just so i can scoff bad food, have started reading again- continue this good behaviour and look at other ways (meditation/ reading/ practising music) to reward myself rather than food.

there's more but that will do for now!
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S: 15st10lb C: 11st10lb G: 8st8lb Loss: 4st0lb(25.45%)
lovely chicken and salad.

mmmm yesterday was bliss. i felt so much better! bit more full of energy and just felt a bit stronger although it is weird to have food in your tummy even though it is not much it does make you feel a bit sluggish compared to on lipotrim but generally after feeling so weak it is much better.

yesterday, i had 2 lipotrim servings and 4oz chicken with beansprouts, toms letttuce and cucumber with balsamic. yum.

today i have had:
vanilla shake

and i will have chicken salad and maybe a quorn one if i'm feeling exotic later. my weight is staying the same at the moment which is good and i hope it stays the same for refeed week or at least doesnt go up then with maintenance i really want to see if i can carry on losing a few pounds a week. v nervous about eating carbs, might leave them off for a while!
pasta and cheese was my major achilles heal and dont want to fall straight back into old habits....

i've lost a stone for my birthday and i want to keep it off and keep on going down into a healthy weight- keep motivated woman!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
S: 21st0lb C: 12st12lb G: 12st12lb BMI: 27.4 Loss: 8st2lb(38.78%)
That's a very open and honest post. Well done to you and hope refeed goes well. Keep up the water intake, watch portion sizes and be very careful with the snacks.
S: 15st10lb C: 11st10lb G: 8st8lb Loss: 4st0lb(25.45%)
still refeeding!

bin quiet as had a rubbish couple of days due to totm, have bad periods (so bad i'm only supposed to have one every 6months or so) plus endometriosis so have been holed up at home feeling sorry for myself.

decided not to weigh in or do my measurements this week as my whole lower half is so swollen i cant do my trousers up. would normally have bought loads of chocolate and treats to get me through but have resisted but resorted to making some biscuits at home which is not so bad but shouldnt be doing on refeed. on the plus side i was literally on the verge of ordering a take away pizza yesterday and decided to wait and think about it. i thought about it and decided i was trying to make myself feel better with food. i made a sort of pizza from wholemeal pitta breads which was quite and prob not too bad as can have bit of bread on refeed, will prob go to slimfast as i've loads in the cupboard nd like the idea of replacing a couple of meals with a calorie controlled shake. hopefully thus will get my weight down rather than just maintaining!


Back to reality!
S: 85kg C: 80kg G: 60kg BMI: 30.9 Loss: 5kg(5.87%)
Sorry to hear your having a rubbish time hun. Well done on resisting the pizza! I think you have got completely the right attitude with making healthier options. :)
Take care
T x
S: 15st10lb C: 11st10lb G: 8st8lb Loss: 4st0lb(25.45%)
thank you tigerlill88 and Irish Molly! Trying to keep motivated through the doom of pain!

have decided to lower my weight loss goal to getting into a healthy weight bracket and a healthy bmi- so my goal is 9 stone 7- 16 lbs to go- not so daunting. will reassess when i get there... hoping to get there soon- want to keep going!
S: 15st10lb C: 11st10lb G: 8st8lb Loss: 4st0lb(25.45%)
i refed ok, had a planned big blow out for my birthday- you name it i ate it!

my pharmacy doesnt do maintenance so i decided to give exante a try until sept to try to get another stone off to be a healthy weight.

put on a couple of pounds through birthday naughtiness so am starting from 10.11- want to get to 9.7.

i cant believe how much more pleasant exante is, i'm hoping it is as effective but we shall see!

farewell peanut "flapjack" I hope never to have to taste your ickyness again!

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