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Jessabelles Motivation Diary


needs more willpower!
Wednesday 22nd July 2009

Hello everyone! I've got a food diary but i thought i'd better set up one of these to try and motivate myself. I can hopefully read over things and see where i'm possibly going wrong. Well, i suppose i'd better introduce myself.

My name is Jess, i'm 23 years old and from Staffordshire. I still live at home with my mum and my brother and my 5 cats. I work for Laura Ashley and most of the time, i love my job. I've been with my fiance for just over 2 years and we've been engaged since January. We haven't set a date yet but i want to be able to wear whatever dress i want without feeling like a sack of spuds.

I think getting married is one of the main reasons for me wanting to lose weight. I want to be able to look back on that day and think, "yeah, actually you looked quite nice".

I lost over 3 stone when i left school doing the Atkins diet but still, i've never been happy with my size. I've been doing SW properly for about 5 weeks now and have lost 5lbs. Even though my weight loss is slow, i'm finding it so easy to do, especially being a vegetarian.

Well, i'm rambling now. I'm going to try and update this whenever possible. I would appreciate all comments (and kicks up the bum when i'm slacking!) so feel free to post xx
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Mad as a Hatter

Welcome to the forum and good luck with your motivational diary... I am writing one too and it's not as much about the food, more about how I am feeling and what is going on in my life at that time.

Will check in on a daily basis and see how you are doing..

Take care



needs more willpower!
Back away from the cake...

Thursday 23rd July 2009

Do you ever feel like you're getting nowhere fast? Cus i do. It just feels like whatever im doing at the moment is not working. I think it's my willpower. If you put a cake or gooey, chewy cookie in front of me, i'll eat it. Well, most of the time anyway. I can resist but if i eat even a tiny bit i have to eat more until its gone.

I started off okay yesterday then i think i went downhill. The o/h took me out for tea last night which was a baaad idea. We went to one pub, a bit out of town, where there was only 3 veggie options and i'd had them all. So we drove to another pub where they only had 2 veggie options. By then we were both so hungry we stopped there. I had a cauliflower bake which was literally a bubbling cheesy mess. It was ok but not worth the syns! It came with garlic bread and chips so i had to eat them... Luckily i resisted pudding which is not like me at all!

I guess my aim for the rest of this week is to resist temptation lol and the have more will power. I just want to lose something this week, even if its only a pound!! x


Trying again!!!
Well done on your loss so far Jess, you are doing well. Sometimes life just gets in the way of our dieting but the main thing is just getting back on track asap. I've been an absolute disaster lately so I know where you are coming from and will have to take heed of my own advice lol. Good luck for the week ahead, xx


Starting over
5lbs in 5 weeks is a positive step in the right direction:) You need to see this way of eating as a way of life, so it's ok to have some flexibility at times. I also only have green days and i know how difficult it can be when faced with the cheesy veggie options when out:( I try and stick to pasta with a tomato based sauce if i can (though sometimes it can be oily). Good luck:)


soon to be skinny minnie
Hi and well done with your weightloss so far, good luck with the rest of your journey xx


needs more willpower!

Sunday 26th July 2009

:sigh: Urgh. Having such a rubbish week. I can't even try and be happy and positive. Last night i ate a bag of peanuts which worked out at 16 syns and today i've eaten half an M&S butternut squash and goats cheese lasagne, a piece of french stick with butter and a little piece of brie.

I feel so crappy. Fallen out with o/h (he left me waiting for 45mins in the bloody rain!) and it makes me just want to reach for the chocolate which i may just do. This week has been awful. I've pigged out and lost nothing. I haven't put any on though which is the only good thing. I think i need a proper clean break and a new start. I may just have that bar of chocolate tonight, put it behind me and completley start afresh tomorrow. New week, new start. And this time i mean it x

P.S - thank you all for your encouragment x


needs more willpower!
Monday 27th July 2009

Well, thats it. Started over. Brand new me, here i come! I really kicked myself yesterday for being so crap at this. So here i am, starting again and so far, so good!

I discovered Mugshots today! I've heard everyone talking about them but had never tried them. How yummy? They will def be on my shopping list from now on!

I have a new incentive to lose my weight, apart from getting married. I'm off to San Francisco at the end of Sept with my mum so i really want to get slim. I'm not doing it for any other reason than i know i'll feel much happier and confident. I'm doing this for me. Well, i'll post more soon. Wish me luck for the rest of the week :eek:



needs more willpower!
want to cry...

Wednesday 29th July 2009

Grrr... Why am i still so bloated? I'm being so bloody good on this diet and i just feel so fat and bloated still. I'm drinking more water, i'm having less than 10 syns a day, i'm trying to eat more fruit and veg but still i'm fat. This is todays menu:

B - SW rice pudding (HEA for milk) with 2tsps reduced sugar jam (1 syn)

L - Low fat supernoodles, fat free vanilla yogurt

T - Smash, mushy peas, Quorn burger, 1 tbsp extra light mayo (1 syn)

Snacks - 2 Alpen lights (HEB), Melon, Penguin wafer (4.5 syns) and lots of water, 28g brie (HEB)

So thats 6.5 syns!!! So why do i feel huge? Haven't lost in 3 weeks. I know i had a crap few weeks but i'm back on track now so whats the problem? I soooo anooyed! :cry:



Starting over
Keep going, it's not easy to stay motivated at times. Did you measure youself at the beginning? It some times helps to remeasure yourself to see if you are losing inches.
Good luck this week.

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