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Jo Nesbo

Lil_Mrs_Sunshine said:
What do people think of Mr Nesbo?

I've read The Snowman, The Redeemer, Redbreast and have Devils Star to go next. I love them, more so that Mr Larsson. I must admit I didnt get into Redbreast as much as the others.
I'm half way through The Snowman. Having purchased all his books with my Christmas book tokens, and then have read them in order. I love Harry, his vulnerability and struggle with alcohol.

It's frustrating that the first two novels haven't yet been translated - publishing rights?

Anyhow despite the cost I now want to visit Norway - my husband has relatives there.

Can't wait for more. Despite loving Harry books loved Steig more tho. Clever plot and good strong female character.
I started Leopard Monday night - already half way through it. It is DEFINATELY one to read - worth the extra money.

It has got me hooked. Keep reading thinking whats going to happen next

please help!!!
I have heard so much about Jo Nesbo, and I want to buy the first one and start from there, but I have no idea what order they go in!!

What is the first book?

Also, I found Larsson a bit rambling at times but have heard Nesbo is more structured?

  • Redbreast
  • Nemesis
  • The Devils Star
  • The Redeemer
  • The Snowman
  • The Leopard

All first class reads - there were two more - dont think they were ever translated? (the batman and cockroaches).


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You know, I worked for Waterstones and when talking to customers about Stieg Larsson and similar books I always recommended this book, but in my head I thought it was written by a woman! Whoops...


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Love nesbo! Larsson is in his own league... His characters are so wonderfully complex it's unbelievable.. The twists in the millenium trilogy are so superbly written it catches you out every time. I couldn't put his books down..

Harry is so bad he's good. Nesbo's writing is completely different but equally fascinating.

Excellent reads..


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I love Jo Nesbo,great writing, The leopard is out in paperback in Juky i think :confused:

I like a lot of Scandinavian authors, Henning mankell, Lars Kepler, Camilla Lackberg, Hakan Nesser... some really great authors starting to make appearances in the UK now :)
I also love Nesbo and have read all his books (most of them in the Swedish translation) and I much prefer them to Stieg Larsson's books which I liked but don't quite get the hysteria around them.

An English equivalent writer that I really enjoy is Mark Billingham and his Tom Thorne novels.