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Job hunting is SO HARD!!!!


Yummy Mummy! xx
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I am currently looking for a new job to my hours slowly being cut down by current employer and I am just not enjoying it anymore!

I didnt realise how hard it is to find a new job! I spent 4 hours on Monday sending out at least 45 emails asking if there were any vacancies and how many replies have I had - 2!!!!!!!!! I mean, I spent the time emailing them what harm would it do to spend 2 mins replying to me saying there aret any vacancies but thank you very much anyway!

I have been for an assessment this morning at the local hospital for a Health Care Assistant. There were 25 of us and 1 job - what chance have I got?? (yes I know, about as much as the others but hey.....Im not holding my breath here!!!)

Im DESPERATE to get out of where Im working now and I really fancying doing some admin work, but with no formal qualifications and expereince its so hard!

So so sorry for the rant Im just feeling very frustrated at the moment! Mite go and stick my head in the freezer and cool off lol!!

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If the job hunting leads no where then you may want to search for some volunteering opportunities where at least you may be able to gain some experience in a particular sector (ie- St. John's Ambulance for Health sector)?


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Heya chick I am in the same boat - in a job I hate and my hours have been cut meaning I am really struggling with cash :(

Hope you get something soon :) best of luck!

I'm in a similar boat. I'd love to go to college, even part time. But as I work the old Monday to friday 9-5 it's so hard. My bosses have pretty much refused to cut my hours by the 1.5 days a week it'd take to let me go to college-even though it's DEAD in this office lately. I'm looking into things like supermarket and bar work and there's just nowt going. It's so blimming furstrating! I've got a huge list of places I've sent my CV to and have had zilch in the way of replies. It's just plain rude IMO :mad:


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Oh, I know this feeling!

I'm about to graduate, and cannot physically live off my current weekly wage, nor can I save for my Masters on £100 a week. Plus, it seems graduates are just not getting jobs like they used to. A lot of places don't even bother responding, it's so frustrating!


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My OH was made redundant last year, so I know how frustrating it is, applied for 100's of jobs and only a small % bother replying. He didnt even hear back from interviews.
Best advice I can give is its not what you know its wh you know. Start pestering your friends to ask if they have vacancies at thier workplace. A recommendation from a good worker goes a long way
Good luck


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I was made redundant at Christmas but haven't even tried to find a new job yet. I'm currently on the sick and need to get my health issues sorted before I start looking. I did think of starting my own company, made the website and got business cards printed etc but my poor health just got in the way :sick:


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Tell me about it, I'm graduating this month and I've had 2 interviews in the 3 months I've been looking :(
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Employment agencies are good for temping work. This will give you the experience you need in an office environment & you'll learn lots eg how different phone systems work, different databases, different photocopiers, you'll also gain work experience by learning new things you'll brush up on using microsoft word, excel etc. Definately worth registering with as many as possible.

Good luck, I was made redundant last year & know how hard it is looking for work. Keep at it, you hit the jackpot soon:D
Just remember when it comes to office work you DO have experience, you can type, you can work a computer, you can probably use microsoft office, and anyone can work a photocopier and file and if you can prove that you have a logical way of thinking for filing systems , are good at organising (think of something you had to organise a party etc) get experience by temping. go to a good temp agency such as Hays, Reed, Office angels make an appointment to spend some time with a consultant you may have transferable skills from previous jobs that can be used in an office. pick one agency build up a rapport with the consultant it looks bad when your put forward by 3 agencies for the same job (makes you look desperate and non committed) knock up a CV with quals and work experience then do yourself a list of skills you think you have that would be needed in an office with an example of when you have used them or learned them. take this as a seperate file with your CV when you see the consultant, explain why you have done so. you have no direct office experience but you do have transferable skills. Recruitment consultants love candidates that are committed will turn up everyday do the hours earn them commission if they think you are like this they will push you for jobs.

we all started in offices with no experience, i for one blagged my way into my first office job and im now a senior PA in a large company.
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Yummy Mummy! xx
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Im glad to know im not the only one in such a difficult situation!

Wil definatly get in touch with some agencies and see whther they can offer me any experience.

Thank you all once again! xx


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I recently qualified as a teacher and job hunting has been a nightmare - very few people on my course have got jobs and most are down south - I'm from the North East too and the area in general for employment is bad, never mind teaching jobs!

I have signed up with a supply agency who seem very confident in finding my regular supply for September which is good for the meantime whilst I keep looking for teaching posts...

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