Jodie Marsh - thumbs up or down?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spudsnipes, 15 June 2012 Social URL.

  1. spudsnipes

    spudsnipes Full Member

    I read the Sun - not the best paper I know but the most entertaining anyway! - and Jodie Marsh is in there a lot. And I have to say, I admire her a lot for doing the weight lifting. Yes she may be a bit vain, etc, but how much self discipline and stamina must she have!

    I admire her, and occasionally I wish I had her figure (not necessarily the giant boobs, orange tan, face or hair) but the muscle mass business I find looks really good.

    Am I the only one?!!!
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  3. skinni

    skinni Full Member

    admire the fact she weight lifts but the plastic surgery is a bit daft tbh
  4. saminnotts

    saminnotts Full Member

    I think she is ok tbh, she is doing something she feels passionate about instead of being in the paper for gettin ger boobs out or gettin in fights
  5. saminnotts

    saminnotts Full Member

    Ye her boobs look really weird haha like they are stuck on
  6. bash

    bash Full Member

    Exactly, It takes a lot of determination and will power
  7. saminnotts

    saminnotts Full Member

    I get what you mean by it looks weird on a woman but i admire her for doin something she loves and is clearly good at
  8. skinni

    skinni Full Member

    Yeah she's not being famous for page 3 no more. Doing something more dignified imo
  9. skinni

    skinni Full Member

    a unique way though lol
  10. skinni

    skinni Full Member

    No reason why you can't! Go for it!
  11. spudsnipes

    spudsnipes Full Member

    She loves the attention, admittedly and her boobs look hideous. I like the muscles! I don't like too much of them, but I think it's good. I wish I had the willpower, who knows I might buy some shakes! lol
  12. purple_rain

    purple_rain Silver Member

    A couple of years ago I thought she was just a Jordan wannabe.
    But now she's opened up a bit about her life and what she's been through I have nothing but admiration for her.
    She done amazingly well bodybuilding in such a short time and she looks really happy now.
    I think she uses the media to get to where she wants to be but also for good causes aswell which is only a good thing.
    Jodie marsh has taught me to never judge a book by it cover.

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  13. spudsnipes

    spudsnipes Full Member

    Well said purple rain :)
  14. Pixielocks

    Pixielocks Full Member

    Very true. She has done amazing with her body building. Way to go for her :D x
  15. Blueway

    Blueway Silver Member

    I think her body looks good now, she's not too bulky and i think she just looks really toned.
    Saying that, i do think she's an attention seeker and wouldn't be surprised if she found a new fad soon!
  16. are we there yet?

    are we there yet? Full Member

    Thumbs up, she looks ripped, must of taken alot of determination.
  17. Miss_J

    Miss_J Full Member

    I think she looks amazing and i always felt bad for her as she always got stick!

    I watched her on the telly recently and the things they have to go through in body building is hardcore! Major respect to the girl
  18. Hamster Cheekz

    Hamster Cheekz Full Member

    Agree! but i dont like all them tattoo's ..
  19. Carrieblue

    Carrieblue Full Member

    Thumbs up to the body neck down and minus the dreadful boobs
  20. DaddyPig

    DaddyPig Full Member

    I think Jodie Marsh is great, and its good to see that the bodybuilding is going better for her than trying to become a tattoo artist. This is from someone who usually hates all thing 'celebrity'.

    And as for that piccy posted earlier in this thread :gimi:. WOW, simply WOW. I have never seen those before and she looks amazing, albeit the nose makes we want to go and dig the garden.
  21. Nomore

    Nomore Full Member

    As long as she's happy then thumbs up she has to live with her not us

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