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Jogging info, tips and advice


Shoot to thrill
Hi all. Long time no speak.

I went for a jog this morning. I only went round the block, which is a massive .4 of a mile. It was a mix of running and walking. God it hurt, my chest got all tight, breathing was heavy, heart rate up. It took me 6/7 minutes. I didn't time myself or take things like my BPM.

It was in the rain this morning about 6:30am. Despite it hurting it felt amazing and exhilarating.

In the next post I've put a story from by blog about my aversion to running (exercise in general actually.) It's there because it's sort of irrelevant to what I want to ask but interesting nonetheless.

I used to walk a lot and walk wherever possible now (I went from walking 3 miles a day on my commute to driving 50 a day to my new job.)

I want to run to lose weight but I also want to do it to build stamina for things like snowboarding and hiking. Is this the best way to go about it?

I briefly looked at the C25K thing. I don't need the walking bit, I just want to get straight into the jogging. So my questions are:

How often do I need to jog?
For how long?
Do I need to up my calorie intake to ensure my body doesn't go into starvation mode.
Are there big risks for my joints/shins because I weigh 217lbs. Should I take any precautions?
Eat breakfast after I run? When my metabolism is going and all that.

Thanks. You are all awesome.
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Shoot to thrill
From my blog - link in sig.
A story

February 16th, 2010

I am unhealthy. I knew that. I always have been unhealthy with a serious aversion to exercise. In highschool I had to run the 1600 metres. I did it, spent a lot of the time walking but I really pushed myself. At the end of the race I felt nauseous, my heart was racing and I collapsed.

That was my last proper running experience. From there on I skipped PE lessons where possible, didn’t do any of the cross country events and was generally good at avoiding those lessons.

Every PE lesson we had to run once around the school field which was approx 400 metres. We did netball and that was my favourite sport to play. I was ****ing awesome at it. No one could beat me and Charlotte as GA and GS team. Anyways, the term that we had netball I got fit enough to be able to run the 400 metres without stopping. I wanted to die but I could do it.

Today I went out for a run. I was up at 6:30 am, got dressed and was out. It was raining but not cold. Our house was so hot that I hadn’t been able to sleep. I was also plagued by a dream of something that has been bugging me for a long time.

My boyfriend is an awesome snowboarder. He’s been to Canada twice, various places in Europe and is going again in March. I tried going snowboarding with him a few years ago and although I did okay I wasn’t fit enough. I didn’t have the stamina to keep going and got exhausted so quickly. I couldn’t go from a sitting position with a snowboard on my feet to standing and I was generally crap.

I find this really difficult to write so bear with me.

It breaks my heart to think that Ben loves this hobby and will continue to do it regardless of whether I join him in it (and rightly so.) This means he spends all his money on snowboarding holidays that I can’t really go on. So I’m worried that years down the line he’ll be going on holiday more with his friends than with me rather than all of us together.
I was sort of dealing with this and just losing weight until last week Ben’s mum suggested that she would take us and Ben’s little brother to Canada for some snowboarding. I could’ve cried. That’s really not something I would want to miss out on. I had a dream last night of watching Ben and his 11 year old bro snowboarding around the Milton Keynes snowdome and me feeling completely left out.

So this morning I mad a resolve not to just lose weight but to get fit. I am going to run to incream my stamina, I’m going to practice getting to my feet from sitting and I’m going to win at this. As soon as I am under 14 stone I am going to start having private lessons again.

This is so difficult.

I wish I could really explain how much not being able to join Ben in snowboarding hurts. It’s heart wrenching. I get jealous that he gets these awesome holidays that I always miss out on.
I’m going to be thin and I’m going to be fit.


One day at a time :)
How often do I need to jog?
For how long?
Do I need to up my calorie intake to ensure my body doesn't go into starvation mode.
Are there big risks for my joints/shins because I weigh 217lbs. Should I take any precautions?
Eat breakfast after I run? When my metabolism is going and all that.

1. You should jog 3 times a week to get the maximum benefit from rest days. You don't have to jog more than that. When you are a bit more fit you can increase it a little.
2. You should add calories depending on how many you burn - check out websites like myfitnesspal.com
3: Simply make sure you get proper fitting running specific trainers, I cannot stress how important this is! Also, don't push yourself too hard, jog gently, speed means nothing until you are an established runner.
4. You should have something light like a protein shake or a homemade smoothie before running and then a normal breakfast afterwards.

I hope this helps, there's a lot of info about running on the internet, you've just got to google :) x
A good sports bra is really important. Depending on your size, I recommend the shock absorber. You don't need to eat much more as you won't be burning that many calories when you start, unless you are really thin.
The top tip , as above, is , go slowly, focus on the amount of time you are out there walking and jogging, not the distance. Running really slowly builds endurance. It should be a relaxed activity, take it easy but do it regularly. Hope you enjoy it.

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