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I went jogging for the first time (for a very very long time, and never regularly before) this afternoon. It was a disaster. I made it about five minutes down the road, only jogged about half of that, sat on a bench for five minutes then walked/jogged back. I was managing about 30 second bursts before having to slow to a walk again. My body felt fine, no protest from my legs which surprised me, but my chest and throat just burned and I struggled for breath. I feel very disheartened, it took me so much time to build the courage to go out there at all. Hated the thought of people looking at me wobbling along.

I suppose what I want people to tell me is that that's normal for my weight and fitness level and that it will improve. If I keep attempting that short distance daily how long before I should be able to manage it?
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I do think it's pretty normal. I used to only be able to run for short bursts. I can now run for 10 minutes before I'm cripploed with a stitch. I built up to the 10 mins by running between one lamp post then walking one lamp post and then going up to 2 lamp posts and walking 2. Then dropping the walking distance so I'm running more than walking. Now it's winter I run inside on the treadmill so I run 10 minutes, walk 5, then run 5, walk 5. Until I've been at it for 30mins. I can't seem to get past that 10 min mark tho so I'm stuck with this for now.

Good luck and well done for having the guts to get out there - it does get easier hun xx
Its totally normal for anyone new to jogging. Try looking up 'couch to 5k' online. Its a programme which gets you very gradually into running. I can totally recommend it. There are free podcasts available that you can download and give music to listen to whilst telling you when to walk, jog, run, etc

I can't actually proclaim to be the world's greatest jogger, as I haven't been out since probably October last year! I hate jogging in bad weather/dark early evenings, so I've been inside doing bits and bobs and the odd exercise class for now til things brighten up and no doubt I'll be back at the couch potato level again!
Thank you very much for the advice and encouragement. I'll be happy with 10 minute bursts Surfhunny, at least that's long enough to do some good. Had a quick look at that couch to 5k hobbesy, think I might give that a go. Was thinking of doing Race for Life this year but after my efforts today figured it was a no go, but if that programme works the who knows. It's encouraging to see the sort of times they expect you to start on (60 seconds jogging, 90 seconds walking), not that I won't still struggle at that.

Thanks again, and wish me luck!


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Im starting the c25k on Monday :D

It is normal to be really rubbish the first time but you went and did it!!! :cool: you need to be happy with that. it will be hard but eventually you'll do it
Let me know how you get on Shabba, hopefully I'll be brave enough to go back out, and I think this c25k thing sound a brilliant framework to work with so I may well be doing it along side you.


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
I put a post in the excercise bit if you do decide to do it :D

If i dont post next week its because i've killed myself doing it :giggle:

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