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Hi all, I joined slimming world again last night and I'm having a brand new start (again)! It seems to have changed a bit since I last did it, I see if you do extra easy you can only eat superfree foods between meals. I think I'll be mainly doing green days! Do they still do mix 2 match?
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Hello and welcome back!!!!

Re: Superfree foods, I think that's more of a guide than an instruction & if you're having a fair amount of superfree foods at mealtimes then i would have thought it doesn't matter what you sbnack on as long as it's within the EE remit.


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Welcome back and good luck. The superfree snacks is a recommendation, not a hard and fast rule. Don't let it put you off trying EE because it's a great plan.


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Yes I agree with the others and my consultant has said the same! They just want to make sure you're eating lots of fruit and veg so as to really optimise your food optimising (if that makes sense!!) so as long as you're having plenty in the day, it doesn't matter a hell of a lot when!X


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Welcome to the forum and good luck with your weight loss.

Mrs V

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Hi there and welcome to the forum!

Good luck with your journey.


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Welcome! Good luck! EE is a great plan but different things work for different people, but like others have said superfree between meals isn't 100% neccesary but i find if i pack my meals with super free it gives me just as good a weight loss.

Yesterday was an EE day for me i had to start the day with high fibre bran (hexb) with milk (some of hexa) with a chopped banana in it and a muller light and an apple for breakfast.

1/6 of Tomato and onion pasta and sauce quiche made with 3 eggs ( i know some people dont agree its free)
and a large side salad

Dinner Chicken savory rice with chicken, carrot, onion, brocolli and cauliflower chinese 5 spice, lime, soy sauce, and chilliflakes turned in to like a fried rice dish.

snack 2 custard creams and a options.


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The book states that you can eat free food any time to satisfy your appetite, with no limits. It does not state that you can only eat super free foods.

Good luck!


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Thanks for your replies. Our consultant said with extra easy you have to have 1/3 of your plate with carbs, 1/3 meat and 1/3 superfree veg, that you can't have seconds and to eat only fruit & yogurt between meals. I'd bought some smaller plates but if I can't have seconds I won't be using them! Also,it's hard to tell when you're doing things like spag bol or curry whether a third of your plate is each, if you see what I mean. It all sounds far too complicated and restrictive so I'm having a green day today. Mind you, she's new and it was her first day, so maybe she'll change her mind further down the line! I think I'll just do EE now and again and see how I get on. The last thing I want is to feel like I'm on a diet, that's why I always come back to SW.


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Hi Dehli, welcome and good luck - your consultant is not doing EE justice, its really easy and unrestrictive and feels nothing like a diet - have a good read through the book, its not that strict at all.

Hi Amy 22 good luck and welcome - sorry I cant help you with the sausages question


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I agree totally with shrinkingannie! Your consultant does seem to be making it very restrictive for you! SW is all about having freedom to eat certain things 'freely'- that's why there's a long long list of 'free' foods! It's common sense that we shouldn't be eating til we're at total bursting point, but that's not to say you can't have a big plateful that satisfies you! We all have varying appetites and some days we're hungrier than others! Enjoy the freedom of the plan, do eat lots of fruit and veg, but never let yourself go hungry, there's no reason why if you are hungry you can't have some savoury rice, a big omlette (using frylight) or some roast chicken (without skin) or whatever you blinkin feel like from the free list, or synned if you've got them in the bank!! Spending time on Minimins you'll realise that plenty of people have lost stones and stones, and not by restricting themselves in any way!!X