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I'm sure there are a million threads on this, forgive me, I'm on my phone and about to head in to work.

I'm joining group tonight, mainly cause I keep eating biscuits like they're going out of fashion and piling on the pounds.

I'm just wondering do I have to sit through the new members talk? I only want to weigh and leave each week (which is what my mum and dad do) I don't have time to sit and chat.
Does anyone know if I can join and opt out of the 'chat'
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Depends on the consultant, some will let you, tell them your a new member but you've done it before. But some would rather you sit through the talk and then get weighed, others would prefer you to stay until the end of image therapy (which is what they're suppose to do) so its completely up to the consultant. If they do say you have to sit through it just do it if you have the time, it might be good to have someone go over the plan again with you. My consultant (well I think they all did) went over it again after Christmas and I found it really useful. It's nice just to sort of have a refresher.


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I would doubt any consultant would let you not sit through the new member talk. It's half an hour to have the books explained. Even rejoins get the new member talk at the group I go to!!


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Just wondered why you are paying to rejoin SW if you only want to weigh and go each week-seems to defeat the object-as the biggest part of it is the support aspect! Surely you could just weigh yourself at boots for 50p??


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You'll benefit loads from staying to class hun, go along and sit through like a brand new member, it will make you feel totally motivated again feeling like a newbie :) xxx


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When I was a consultant, I would have people say I can't stay etc or don't want a new member talk but I preferred giving a talk as it meant I knew that they knew the plan correctly. Had so many people come who didn't! Was shocking.

If they said they couldn't stay, I would point them to one of my boards where there were groups on every day of the week except Sundays and suggest that maybe they found a time or group where they could stay. This wasn't to be arsy, would have been easier to take their money. I know that the group is important and it makes a huge difference to losses. If you need motivation then you need the group.

I personally loved staying to group and if I couldn't get to mine would go else where, even though it was super scary. More ideas from other people! Completely depends on the consultant though as some want the money and numbers. Good luck what ever you choose xx


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Jenna it worked for me going to get weighed and then I left I would chat to people I knew . I needed the weigh in to keep me on the straight and narrow and knowing I was wasting my money if I didnt keep to plan was enough for me.


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Thanks for the support guys, will let this thread die now or if mods with to delete/lock it due to the fact there are probs a million others like it.

I enjoyed tonight but found image therapy cringey...I am not a 'clapper' and the consultant whilst lovely is a tad too eccentric lol! I may stay some weeks to get to know ppl but I feel weighing and running will be my main thing.
Thanks again guys x