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Joining CD


Is feeling the love!

I started LL in June but stopped due to a virus. Now I have been given the all clear and I want to re-start.

I have been told that CD is cheaper than LL and the variety is better.

Can anyone offer me any advice?

Also I have called a CD counsellor but as yet (nearly 2 days) she hasn't called back. How long should I give it before I try and call someone else?

ANy advice would be great! :D:)
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Slowly but surely x
Id call someone else immediately - honest, don't prolong the agony! Its their loss if they dont get back to you - its a shame, because that's potential business for them.
CD is waaaaay cheaper than lighter life and I believe the shakes are nicer (I love the choc mint - its bloody gorgeous). The soups are nicer too and even tha bars - damn, the whole diet is way cheaper and waaaay tastier and you get the SAME results on this VLCD

With lighter life you pay all that extra for the counselling when your CD counsellor does it as part of the plan anyway. Expect to pay between £38 and £42 a week and enjoy it!

Good luck, Im a re-starter so we can keep up with each other if you like.
Call someone else... while you are in the zone you want to get going as soon as possible :)
Hi and welcome . CD is the same principles as LL but without the group work I believe . I pay roughly £38 - £40 a week depending what I have ( bars , tetras are a little more ) I love the shakes ( after doing lipotrim , which is vile , they are amazing :) and the bars and the water flavouring is my saviour :)
It may be worth calling another CDC ..or leaving another message .. its possible they are on holiday or something ?
good luck on starting CD , it is a great plan and you know you can do it if you managed LL :)


Is feeling the love!
Well, I called back and the CDC said her answer machine is playing up so she was thankfull I called her back and didn't go else where.

I have taken the plunge and I am starting on 2 November. Very excited about it!!!

This site was such a help when I was on LL so I know I will get the support I need untill I am in the swing of a VLCD again.

Ohhhh can not wait.....;):D:)


hoping for a good loss
all the best hun. Roll on 2nd Nov
That's fantastic news, Hon. Good luck with your start on CD. It's a brilliant diet, and the people on the CD forum are amazing. I honestly couldn't do it without them.
Look forward to following your journey. :)


Getting Married 2012

I am starting CD tomorrow, feeling nervous about it, but excitied. So many people on the forum have done amazingly well. I havent tried any other VLCD so very new to all this.

Wishing you the best of luck and plenty of lbs lost!!


please try again
good luck with starting cambridge, you know the drill just keep yourself busy the first week while your getting into ketosis, keep the paracetamol close by in case those headaches hit and get ready for doing the happy dance at your first weigh in


Getting Married 2012
I did a naughty thing this morning and went on the wii, and the good news is i can get back on it, as before it did the embarassing ooh oh you exceed the maximum weight. That means i can start doing my yoga again in the mornings and treat myself to wiifit dance2.


Getting Married 2012
The weight limit is 23.8, before i could get on it i brought a game called u shape and its a fitness one without using the board.

I do love the yoga on the balance board really helped me with my posture. Looking forward to the new mel b totally fit game that is out soon x


Is feeling the love!
I have start date for 2 Nov, it's also the day I start my new job. I think it may be best to get all the stress out of the way in the first week.
Looking forward to it, and looking forward to getting back on track because since I have known my start date I have gone a bit "mad"!!

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