Joining SW 3rd Oct


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Well i'm off on hol on monday for 1 week, finish SS and re-intro food tomorrow and when i get back early hours of 3rd Oct i'm going to join SW that night to shift 10lb-14lb before my tummy tuck on 13th December.

I'm really looking forward to it, especially after a stint of SS and i've got my TT to motivate me!
i cant wait, i'm really looking forward to pasta with homemade tomato sauce and chopped up babybel mixed through it on green days. yum. :)
mmmmmm sounds nice, i sorta got it in my head that i can never do SW or WW ever again after doing a vlcd so i'll be watching your progress with much interest when you start!! I loved SW before, i think i'd appreciate it even more after going on a VLCD!