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Joining SW next week....HELP! (lots of questions!)

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So I've decided to join SW next week. I've done th diet before but many years ago now and I've forgotten the majority! Thought I'd buy a SW mag today to ease me back in.....can I ask, whats the Extra Easy plan?

Also, I have to go shopping tomorrow for food for the week, what would you say are your "staple" things that you have all the time? I will be doing a mixture of red and green days (unless I like the sound of this Extra Easy plan!).

Where do you go to find out the Syn values of different foods??

Can someone tell me about healthy extras, I know theres an "A" section and a "B" section, whats the difference??

Any other tips would be appreciated also - including any websites etc that might help me on my way!

Thanks! :kissass: :D
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S: 16st7.5lb C: 16st5lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 41.2 Loss: 0st2.5lb(1.08%)
Would someone also tell me about the countdown course? Do you have to pay this via direct debit or all upfront? Thanks x
I am new to SW so not sure how helpful I am. I have been doing Extra Easy and believe it is quite new. There's a big list of free food and when something is syned you take the smaller of the original/green syn.

I bought a directory at the class and use this to find out syn values.

A are things like milk and cheese and B is cereal and bread things.

Irene xx


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go on to the slimming world web site and there is a sample 1 week menu for extra easy.
ok welcome to the club.

countdown are where you can buy bundles of weeks.either 12 for the price of ten or 6 for the price of 5.
you wil get a book when you join that wil explain in detail extra easy and wil give you all the syn values.
but a quick run-through:
basically any food that is fere on a red or green day is free on extra easy!! you are to fill your plate with 1/3 superfree foods but the other 2/3 can be anything.so you can have chicken and pasta both together! it is very easy and you can stil have your 5-15 syns.
however on extra easy uou can only have one HexA&B
HexA are things like milk and cheese
HexB are things like bread,crispbread and cereal bars.

as i said this is all explained in the book but thats a quick view of it.
hope this helps


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I would just do your best and wait until you are told by your new consultant next week who will explain so much better. There are other plans as well like success express where you have to put 1/3 of your plate as superfree foods unlike EE where you can eat what you like from red and green free foods with no plate restriction. It is much easier to understand when you get the books in your hand. i think the idea that fatbunny gave above of following the magazine/ web site plan for this week is an excellent idea. good luck with your journey xx


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Just a word of warning about countdown, (you do have to pay up front) if you suddenly decide to go on holiday then they will count those weeks as you attending. I think you have to book in your holidays before you start it. There's been some kerfuffle at our class.

To be honest , if you've forgotten most of the plan, then EE is a perfect way to start. You have very little thinking/calculating to do (perfect for me!) and it works just as well(or in a few cases better) for most people. Obviously it doesn't suit some, but that's the beauty of SW we have lots of choice!


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Once you join class and your consultant explains Extra Easy it will all make sense although it will sound too good to be true! I've been following it mosty (with the exception of the odd red or green day) for three weeks and have lost 7lbs and am chuffed with that because I don't feel like I've been restricted at all.

Looking through my food diaries for the last few weeks things I have used regularly are cook from frozen chicken breasts, gammon steaks, eggs, batchelors pasta n sauces, savoury rice, onions, peppers, sweetcorn,bacon, baked beans, greek 0% yog, mullerlights, Options white chocolate sachets, weetabix, porridge.

During the week my breakfast tends to be either porridge that's been soaked overnight in a mullerlight yogurt or 2 weetabix with skimmed milk and chopped banana. At the weekend I tend to have a cooked breakfast with syn free sausage, fried egg (done in fry light spray), bacon, beans, chopped tomatoes, onions and toast-phew, no wonder I am stuffed!

Lunch through the week is usually some form of leftover (i.e. baked bean and quorn sausage pasta bake) or a pasta n sauce/savoury rice quiche. I've found at the weekend after such a big breakfast I'm not usually very hungry so tend to have fruit and/or a yogurt to see me through until dinner time.

Dinners are basically whatever I fancy. At the weekend I generally make a home-made chinese of chinese chicken curry, egg fried rice and SW chips on a Saturday night and a roast dinner on a Sunday.

I use my syns to make my meals more exciting (i.e syn for gravy rather than using bovril, yorkshire puddings, curry sauce etc) and for things like the Options sachets mentioned above mixed with fat free fromage frais and fruit. I've had very little chocolate since I started the plan and have had no crisps (these are usually my downfall) and haven't missed either at all although if I really wanted themI could work my syns around them.

I find the biggest thing for me is to be organised. I try and plan my meals a few days ahead (this way I've got things defrosted etc) and also make sure I have my 'packed lunch' organised for work and that way I'm not tempted by anything else.

Good luck although I'm sure you won't need it!
S: 16st7.5lb C: 16st5lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 41.2 Loss: 0st2.5lb(1.08%)
Just thought of something else.

When you go to weightwatchers, you can buy a book with the points values of different foods, one for supermarkets and one for eating out, do SW do a similar thing?

Also, how do you work out the Syn values of things?

Thank you!
Yes they do its a food directory, they also have a book that has free branded foods these are great as they include supermarket foods and eating out. All of these are available at class.

Ps im joining tomorrow too, maybe we could support each other. send me a msg if you want xx
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you can get a directory from class that lists pretty much everything and you'll get a password for SW website and u can get into syn values of things on there.

don't think there is a formula for syn values like the WW one but if u can't find it on line or in the book there is a syn calculator once u log into sw website but it needs all the NVs not just cals and sat fat. my consultant has told us to avoid that if possible as it can give random results at times most things are listed on line or in the direcory also the pack u get when u join has a list of some syns in the middle section and lists a and b choices

good luck and don't worry u have this site as well for when u get stuck.


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Good luck to you im sure once you get going you will love it as we all do!! Dont forget to ask if you need help x

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