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Joining SW tomorrow! (for the second time)

Hello All

I have finally had enough and I am joining SW tomorrow night. I joined for the very first time back in April. I lost 9.5 in 3 weeks and then had three very frustrating weeks where, despite doing exactly the same thing as the first 3 weeks, I either sts for gained 1/2lb!!!! Hence, I stopped going :(

Now, 7 months later I have reached the place of absolute awfulness and I am going back. My inspiration is two women at work who have been going for 3-4 months and are doing so well.

My lowest point was 3 weeks ago when I went clothes shopping for work and I could only get into a size 20. I came out of the shop, sat in the car and sobbed and sobbed :cry::cry:

So, finally, 3 weeks later I am ready to bite the bullet and rejoin.

Wish me luck :eek:

p.s. I have been looking through the 'before and after' thread and what an inspiration you all are too xx
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Good luck with this attempt. Hopefully seeing all the successes here will help keep you motivated.
Good luck you have made a great decision. Just keep plugging away and and you will achieve what you want. Its only natural at first to lose quickly as you are changing your way of eating and your body metobolism is changing to and after a few weeks body gets used to what you are eating and settles down again.

I must admit I do not do 100% every day therefore am losing very slowly but am losing which is the name of the game. If I find I am sts or gaining then I rein it in again and maybe change the way I am eating for example have a few red days to kick in the metobolism again and stop the body getting to routinal or me getting to bored with what I am eating.

If you find you are losing motivation just come on here and read some of the posts they can be so encouraging and just give you the kick you might need.
Good luck!

I am pretty new to all of this as well. Like you, my tipping point came partly when suddenly a size 20 was all that would fit in the shops :( three weeks later and an 18 fits again :) Still not my perfect size yet, but it's a start ;)

It doesn't matter what's gone before, focus on this time round and stay positive. I'm sure you will succeed this time - if things don't go as well as you'd hoped than look for reasons why then try something else. It takes lots of us a bit of time to find the best way forward for us, and as you get to different stages on your weight loss journey what works might change.

Remember whatever happens, someone here will have experienced it and can help you through it. People on here are always ready to inspire, motivate, advise, and rejoice with you :)

Good luck xxx
Good luck ! You're making a very wise decision to go back...... this time push through and stick with it despite any gains/stay the sames you may have in the first few weeks and you'll be well on your way :)

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