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Joining SW tomorrow...is this shopping list okay?


Wanna be loser!!
I've scheduled my Tesco order to come in the afternoon, and I'm re-joining SW tomorrow evening. I've got quite a lot of cupboard staple foods - so quite a lot of passata, tins of tomatoes, cous-cous, noodles and pasta. I'm cutting out bread completely, it's my biggest downfall, so I'm best not having it. So I've ordered this on top of what I have in:-

2 x Extra Lean Minced Beef,
2 x Smoked Bacon (I will cut the rind off myself),
1 x pack of Sweet Potatoes,
1 x Natural Choices Fromage Frais,
Skinless Chicken thigh fillets,
2 x Cadbury light chocolate moose (to use as syns),
2 x bottle of NAS orange squash,
7 x satchets of Options hot chocolate (to use as syns),
Frozen mixed peppers,
Frozen diced onions,
Frozen sliced mushrooms,
Frozen sweetcorn,
Frozen carrots, cauliflower and brocolli,
Walls Mini Milks (to use as syns),
Frozen mixed berries,
2 x 1 litre of sterilised skimmed milk,
Jar of 2 cal sweetner.

Does this sound okay for a weeks shopping? Previously I didn't use my syns. I want to have at least 10 a day, but obviously no more than 15.

Any advice would be great =]

Lou xx
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Sounds good to me, I usually do pretty much the same, buy mainly tinned or frozen fruit and veg and just a few fresh veggies and fruit to keep us going.

I also buy muller lights (most are free) and put them onto the frozen berries mix as soon as I get a portion out of the freezer, leave for a few minutes and the youghurt has frozen - I like to think of it as icecream with fruit in it, it's yummy!

Good luck with rejoining SW! x


Wanna be loser!!
Thank you =]

I'm not really feeling it with Muller Lights atm. I go through phases of loving it, and hating it...and right now I don't fancy them at all lol. With the quark and the fromage frais, and using some sweetner and vanilla extract I have in the cupboards I'll whip up something and put it with the berries. Done it before and it tasted lovely.

Thanks, I'm well nervous...new group for me and I'm going on my own for the first time ever lol.

Bless, hope new group goes well, I've tried 4 in my SW adventures (always gone on my own) and all have been lovely, hope your new one is too! You'll be fine!

I like the sound of the quark and fromage frais with vanilla extract and sweetner, thanks for the tip!

A friend who is also on SW told me that the acitivia fat free pots are also free, never tried them myself but may be an option if you go off your vanialla mix.
Activia yogs are so nice! I buy the multipacks rather than individual pots as it works out much cheaper, and the smaller pots are just the right size I think (these are more filling than Mullers I think).


Wanna be loser!!
I think I shall purchase some of those for next weeks shop =] Thanks ladies xx
Sounds like a good menu :)
I always buy fat free yogurts too and plenty of fruit to have plus low synned snacks. I like how you have put some low syn snacks/treats into your list too. xxx


Wanna be loser!!
Sounds like a good menu :)
I always buy fat free yogurts too and plenty of fruit to have plus low synned snacks. I like how you have put some low syn snacks/treats into your list too. xxx
Thank you :)

I didn't really pay attention to my syns before, so one day I'd have none, the next 13, the following 8, then none etc. The syns are there for a reason so I plan to utilise them well :)

I've got bananas, oranges and apples in already, and some mixed fruit berries to put with my yogurt =]



Wanna be loser!!
Anyone know of the syn value of the 'Diet' yogurts?! xx


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Fat free are normally syn free but you're best waiting for someone to check for you.

I bought the Activia fig and prune yoghurts, they sound vile but actually taste really nice :)
looking good hun i would add eggs to the list to though cant go wrong with eggs! As for yoghurts i agree the shpe zero are so thick and creamy nice change from mullerlights good luck i'm heading back to group tonight and i'm the biggest i have been. :( not for long though xx

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