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Joining SW tonight . . . . stupidly scared!

I've done WW (many) times before but really really need to do it this time and after spending time reading this forum over the w/end, have decided to give SW another whirl (I did it once before, approx 5 years ago)
Anyway, my class is at 7.30pm tonight and even though I am going with DH, for some ridiculous reason I am feeling really aprehensive :confused: - I've even got butterflies in my stomach!
I have got a huge amount to lose (approx 8 stone - maybe more, I am too scared to weigh myself at home) and the only thing I can think of, is that this could be my last chance and if I don't do it this time, I never will.
I've watched the inspiration slide show - and I take my hat off to everyone for all their hard work, you all look fab :D
I guess I just need to get it over with and hopefully, one day, I can be on the slide show with you guys.

Sorry, boring ramble over, just needed to get it down.
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Welcome! I understand the nerves but it won't be long 'til you feel right at home with your group. Hold tight to OH and the first meeting will be over before you know.

Whatever the scales say tonight try not to get down. If it's higher than you thought then walk away knowing you won't see that number ever again.

Good luck.:)
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Welcome Kisschase!

Don't be afraid, it is the first step to the wonderful new you. I also have a huge amount to lose, but every pound we lose gets us closer to our goals. The meeting is there to give you the tools to do this and it will.

Remember that everyone here and at your meeting is there to give you support and help, so don't be aprehensive - be excited, it is your first steps to a healthy life.

Thank you everyone for your kind replies - I really do appreciate it :thankyou:
Theria, thank you for the link to that thread - I must admit I have had a look at that nad it's really what pushed me towards SW this time - I like the sound of the EE plan

LL - I like that way of thinking :) this is the last time I will ever weigh this again (fingers tightly crossed)

Featherweight - I will def be looking to you for inspiration and motivation to keep going (as long as you don't mind)

Thanks again all, I really appreciate it :D


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I dare say there isnt a member amongst us who didnt have a sleepless night or feel nervous the night before we first went to class. It feels like such a massive deal, but I assure you that by the time the class is over you will wonder what you ever worried about. You have done this before so will know what to expect, but the only difference this time is that you will have the Extra Easy plan explained to you instead of the Red/Green ones.

You will be fine :) Come and let us know how you got on later!

Mrs V

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I have to agree with the others.
The first time I joined, I wanted to cry before I went through the doors, but everyone is so welcoming...they have all been there and know what its like Hun.
I've lost 9 stone now and Im sure that if I can get there you can too.

Good luck and have fun!



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Welcome Kisschase

It is completely natural to feel nervous with anything daunting and new, especially if it something you really care about and want to do well at- those nerves are a sign of your motivation to succeed, so see them as a really positive thing (and you will feel AMAZING when you get home)

I had 8 stone to lose when I started and am now 4lb off target- it really is within your grasp to do this

good luck, mate- let us all know how you got on



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Good luck hun (although i'm sure you won't need it!) Even once i pop this bubs out i'm still going to have about 7 stone to lose but small steps - every pound gone is a pound closer to goal and a pound closer to being healthy we are! Good luck! xxx
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Kisschase I was in your shoes last week. A week on I am loving this new way of eating and feel really positive about losing weight and for the first time ever I don't feel as if I am on a diet. I have found this forum brilliant and so helpful. Best of luck!
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Ofcourse I don't mind ! I'm new to this also tho - so maybe we can support each other through our journey and get to our goals together!

Hope the meeting went well!!

Sorry, I didn't come back last night, but I didn't get back from the class until 9.45 and my head was filled with so much info, I just went straight to bed!

Well, as you all told me, it was fine! No alarm bells went off when I got on the scales and the figure wasn't as bad as I was expecting, which was a relief!

My leader is really nice and I popped to Tescos this morning and stocked up on fruit, babybel lights and Alpen lights to get me thru the day! Shopping tonight, so I shall be compiling a list through out the day!

Thank you to everyone for their words of encouragement - it really meant a lot. :) I am really starting to look forward to this :D


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Really pleased to hear it, well done for going and look forward to hearing how you get on next week.

Cobweb x


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So pleased you had a good first session! Make sure to keep us all updated, the support on this forum is fantastic


Yummy Mummy! xx
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Just wanted to say a massive HELLO and welcome!!

Im really glad the class went well and you sound so positive which is the first step I think.

Good luck with your SW journey, remember we are all here in the same situation and we all support/nag/help each other lol!!


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