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Joining SW Tonight

After a lot of thought and deliberation I have decided to go back to SW because it was a plan that I did when I was 16, ten years ago, with my mum and I did enjoy the foods and recipes.

I'm really apprehensive though as I tried SW about 3 years ago and didn't like the group as the consultant had her little group of favourites who she gave all her attention to during the session and when she was addressing us all they would all laugh and talk over her so you couldn't hear what she was saying. I was also with my now ex who slated me for eating chocolate (which I had syned) but when I explained it was part of the plan and did he want to read about the plan so he knew how it worked he refused.

I've just reached a point where I'm running out of options - I tried WW, juicing, doing it on my own and none have worked so I am hoping the group is successful tonight.

My OH is coming with me, not to join but for moral support and he said he will cook and eat the recipes with me as well which I'm so appreciative of, he's an incredible support and I know he'll want to know about how the plan works so he can fully support me.

I am so, so nervous though so wish me luck and I'll let you know how it goes later.
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Hey good luck x my consultant is like that aswell, she has her fav's. At first it did affect me but now i dont care because i am there to lose weight and i find it does help me to go to group because everyone there is going through what i am and understand me better than friends, family or husband. Also this forum has been a great motivator for me and great support xx
Im joining tonight as well and am so nervous, but I know its a step in the right direction and it will be worth it!

Its really great that your OH is supportive becuase its that that will keep you going in the long run. My OH is brilliant too (although not as far as to come to the meeting).

Let me know how you get on tonight, maybe we can help and support each other too! x
Good luck on your weight loss journey! Sorry to hear about your bad experiece 3 years ago. Your OH sounds really supportive which will really help you on your journey. All the best x
Thanks everyone, appreciate the support from you all and it makes me feel less nervous.

Little_Strawberry - you're right my current OH is a million miles away from my ex, there really are good men out there.

Foxychic - Good luck tonight to you too, let me know how you get on and it'd be great to support each other, two Newbies together.

Really appreciate the support from everyone though and I'm sure I'll have a few questions over the next week or so (which I'll try to keep to a sensible level lol)

Good luck at SW tonight. I hope you like your new consulatant. :)
good luck for tonight welshgirl21 and foxychick :)
Good luck,it's so great when Oh's are supportive it makes it that bit easier. I have just completed my first week and i am off to WI at 5pm.

Good Luck Foxychick as well, i hope your first meeting goes well :D
It would be good to have a 'buddy' welshgirl21

Im sat here looking at the clock and feeling sick with nerves. Class is at 7pm and I cant wait to just get it over and done with, im dreading walking in!! x
I'd be glad to be your buddy foxychic.

The class was really good tonight and so different to the other one I went to a few years ago.

I was so nervous going in but the consultant was really nice (although he's only temporary until Xmas which is a shame as he was brill). There were two other new starters and he sat down with us all and went through the books and information. Then we all joined the group which was great - he went through each person and how they had done that week and they chatted about recipes they'd tried or what they'd struggled with and everyone advised and supported which was brill.

Reading the books now and mentally planning my day tomorrow; I think I'll start a diary on here for the first week so you can all see what I'm eating and let me know if I'm going wrong.

All in all I'm excited about the journey and hope it gets me to my dream goal.
Glad you enjoyed your class. Good luck for your future weight loss. Having a supportive OH can make all the difference. Although sometimes mine is too supportive and I have problems eating any syns without him asking if I'm ok eating it, but he's enjoying cooking me SW meals.


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
Im glad this guy is more supportive of the group as a whole! Ifyou get on with him and dont like your consultant next year (that sounds funny) ask him what class he takes :) I did that on WW when my normal leader was off and i responded so much better to someone else :D It just takes the right person to help motivate you sometimes :D
That's a good idea, I'd see how far it was and work out the times as I work 30 mins from home and the one I go to is close to home, but worth a look. I was talking to the guy last night who opens and locks the building and he said in the last few months first there was a woman running it, then she left and another woman came, the original woman came back and now the man is doing it.

I know Shelly Farm quite well as I work in Solihull and lived in Shirley for 2 years so if I can't make mine I'll certainly pop along.
Well its Thursday night each week from 6pm....I live just round the corner from the class :) PM me if you ever are going to turn up so i can give you a wave - i am usually found in the 'naughty' corner! hehe! x

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