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Joining SW yet again! I need to get my confidence and self esteem back...

Slim Sharrie,

That's awful, I'm very sorry to hear that.

On a plus note however, fantastic for you doing something for yourself! He'll soon see what a fantastic strong woman you are.

Best of luck and looking forward to seeing you progress on here. :D
hey hun - sorry to hear your bad news. The best thing you can do is to look after yourself and keep yourself busy.

Stick around with the message board and you are going to get lots of recipes, ideas and of course support :)
Sorry to hear your bad news. I hope you have great success with your SW journey x


This is really the time!
that is so sad. Maybe you can create a fresh start for you too. good luck chick xxx
You're going to be going through a really tough time emotionally for quite some time hon... *hugs*

Think of losing weight as your positive thing through it all. It's something you can control and influence, it will give you more self esteem, as you say, and is something so personal to you that nobody else can take away from you...if you see what I mean!

It would be so easy to turn to food to comfort yourself, but this wouldn't be a good thing...so your idea to lose weight is perfect. You'll be healthier, feel better and probably stronger to deal with all the sh*t you're going to have to deal with.

Good luck...and don't forget that there's oodles of support here when you need it.


soon to be skinny minnie
Sorry to hear that hun, i know exactly how you are feeling now, however you will get through it, you need to stay strong and make yourself your first priority now. Starting sw is a great idea, lose your weight and boost your confidence and get out there and enjoy yourself. Big hugs to you xxx

Thanks to everybody who has replied to me!! I am finding it really difficult at the moment - I have an ache inside me which wont go away, I am heart broken!

I keep thinking of all the negatives like him starting a future without me, making plans, without me and worst of all meeting somebody else!!! How do I cope with that?

I feel so sad and confused :confused:

Sorry for moaning...
Thanks 'Fallen Angel' I can't see any positives at the moment and can't seem to move forward. I feel so lonely.

I could do with a brain transplant and remove him from my mind for 6 months.
Hey.. so sorry to hear this...time is a great healer and hopefully through time you can wipe him from your mind...it will be hard, theres no doubt about it but mayeb joining SW will give you something to focus on and then he will see what a sucessful strong woman you are. Any way i can help...just ask! :)
Thanks Weemo

Decided not to join SW this week but will do next week. I am out for a meal tonight and then I am going up North to visit my family tomorrow until Tuesday - so will join next Thursday...

Thanks for all your good wishes x


Silver Member
I'm so sorry, what a pig. Try and think of all the horrible times with him, don't dwell on the good times it will make you feel worse. Is he having a mid life crisis? You need to grieve for a while, but it's a brand new start for you too, and the possibilities for your own future are endless. Good luck x

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