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Joining the Gym!


WILL be Slim!
Well done hun! Such a huge milestone!
I join the gym on monday...and i am SO excited! Its something so alien to me, but something i hope to become routine and very NORMAL....the new found "normal" :D:D:D:D
Enjoy your induction! xx
Thing is, before we moved area I was a keen gym goer. So I already know I enjoy it, and I could do without the 'free session' but them's the rules of the gym. So I'll go next Weds have the free session then have to book with a trainer to sort out a program. It's all a bit of a waste of time, cause I'm raring to go, but I'll get a load of walking in till then.

Mrs Z

Gold Member
There is another thread about joining a gym by someone else today.... it seems to be taunting me!

I'm far too scared to go. Don't want to be the "fat sweaty" one in the corner with all the "beautiful ones" giggling.

Nowhere near brave enough to join a gym yet.

Good luck finding your new gym kit
I've just commented on the other thread. My last gym was a very un-glam local one. But it had good trainers and up-to-date equipment that was well maintained. The 'beautiful people' were few & far between and never lasted very long. Plus they spent more time chatting than working out, so kept the equipment free.
Go & have a walk around, I'm sure once you go in it'll be a lot less scary.
It's definitely a day for joining gyms, but I previously tried and didn't like it. Mind you, I was smoking my way thru' 20-25 cigaretes a day, no wonder I got breathless.
I am taking this as an omen to seriously think about now introducing some exercise into my life. Perhaps swimming, although I used to get put off by the superfit people that looked as if they were crossing the channel in their lunch hour at my local pool.
Well done Witchypoo, its good for bodies and minds.

Well done you,I love going to the gym as having 3 children it's 'my time' 2 - 3 times a week.My gym is full of very beautiful slim women but also has lots of ppl who are of all ages and sizes. I have to admit I did feel a little self conscious at first but now I just think at least I am trying to do something about it. So you go girl!!!!

Natalie xx
Well I finally did it today. I walked into my local gym & made an appointment for an introductory session! It's not till next wednesday, so I've got a week to sort out my kit. Ebay here I come!
Good for you Witchy! I really enjoyed it today and I'm still feeling supercharged :D

I've just been setting up a playlist for my iPod, I got a bit fed up with skipping songs...
Thanks for the reminder! I must dig out my iPod. If I remember, the piped music at the gym is tragic!
I love the gym and find myself feeling really virtuous when I get home. It is not just about exercise it is my break from daily life.

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