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Joining Tomorrow..


I am not sure if I am posting in correct place as I am new to this forum really. I have been a member previously but havent contributed as much as I should. Anyway enough of that..

Anyway I am joining WW tomorrow night. Again. I have feel like I have been on every diet going and when I look back WW was was the where I got the best results. As I have heard they have changed the plan and I havent been for a few years I thought it would be a fresh start for me. I am dreading xmas and would love to loose even a few pounds before xmas ( I know I am cutting it fine). I thought it was better to start pre xmas than after as I don't think I can cope with putting much more weight on. I am really looking forward to joining tomorrow. I just want to think more about what I am eating instead of piling it in like I am doing now. I am a comfort eater big time and need to change my habits drastically.

Any support is welcome, anyone who is new who would like to share the support then that would be great.


Katy xx
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welcome to the board! think your philosophy is spot on: why wasting time and wait after Christmas to join the diet? After all, it would only mean that you'll have more lbs to lose! :)

Everyone is really helpful in this board so you'll find your place very quickly. Meetings are also very good with Weight Watchers and your leader will explain to you all the differences with the new plan, which is a revolution for Weight Watchers, so expect to be very surprised!

Hope to see you posting regularly, and good luck for trying to lose before Christmas!
Hi Katy, It's nice to see another newbie on here, i started WW last Monday and lost 6lb in my first week. I'm really enjoying the diet and i hope to keep losing.
Best of luck in your first meeting, hope it goes well for you. Let us know how you get on. xx
Thank-you so much for the lovely words of encouragement. I am so glad I posted now as you are very supportive. I know this journey is not going to be easy, as changing habits of a lifetime and getting over my emotional eating barriers are going to test me, but knowing I have a place to come and share that with people is lovely. I am soo looking forward to looking through the recipes/tips and stories. I absoloutely love cooking so I am excited to try new recipes from the forum too. I cant wait to join tomorrow, get all my new books etc and start pointing again.

Before I have had a all or nothing approach to dieting and I think that this is why I have failed. I need to learn new habits and add the things I love to eat into my diet without over indulging. It will be a learning curve for me.

Thanks for your support,

Katy xx
Hi Katy!!

I'm new too!! Started last night in exact same frame of mind as you 'if I wait til after xmas I'll be a stone heavier and a stone unhappier!!'. Well done on taking the step, and making the decision! I've had some stick (mainly from fellow fatties!!), calling me a traitor and saying I'm an fool for not enjoying Xmas first, but I'm doing this for me, and even if I only maintain Over Xmas, I'll be happy not to be any fatter!!

Good luck chick, look forward to sharing the journey with you!!

Nice to know that there are some new peeps like myself. Would love to share any advice/moans/tips etc with you all.

Today is judgement day. I go to group at half 6 and join. I had a lovely meat feast pasta last night with garlic dough balls!! Everytime I start a new diet I seem to always have a pig out the week before, thats another thing I don't really know why though!!

I am looking forward to tonight. Even though I have a busy weekend ahead, a meal with my parents and partner on Friday at a lush Italian!! Then my cousins 21st party on Saturday. This is what life is all about and I am just going to have to just adapt to these situations without feeling as though 'I am missing out'!

Thanks again

Katy xx
Heya! Welcome to the boards.

Im in my 3rd week.

I started after putting 2 stone of the orignally 3 1/2 I lost on another plan.

When I thought about joining WW I thought of leaving it til thenew year. But realised I would not feel better for it.

Just use the WW website and the tracker there if you can. I find it brilliant for staying focused and tracking what I am eating.

Keep the mind set you are starting with and I am sure y ou will be fine.

Welcome again.

I just started today!

I have spent so much money on WW over the years and joined and rejoined so many times that I have deicded to dfollow the programme but do it alone. I bought a calculator from ebay for £10 which arived today and have got the basic food points from a daily Mail article I found online!
I have been taking xenical for the past 11 weeks and have lost weight but last week I gained so need something to get me back on track. WW has always worked for me in the past just need to keep at it!
Thanks for your reply. I have too spend so so much money on WW and other diets too. I have a drawer at home that is full of different books and calculators. I start off with good intentions and I am so prepared with all the gear I have to go with the diet but I never carry ot on. It as if i forget about the diet with any excuse i have! I am joining at half 6 tonight, I am dreading the scales and my brain keeps questioning me asking if I am doing the right thing but I know I am, I always overeat so need something to prevent me from doing that as much...I really hope I do it this time. I know it isnt going to be an easy few weeks with parties etc but even if I am on track half of the time then it surely must be better than being off track for the whole time and shoveling food in my mouth constantly!!!

Have you planned any yummy recipes?

Wish me luck!!...

Katy xxx
Good luck Katy!!!!

Today I had

1 fried egg, frylight, and some ham

pasta and sauce (pasta is so many points!)

will have chicken salad and yoghurt later. ALso had a bit of milk.

I worked it out as 33 points which is my allownence. Also going to the gym tonight which I do approx three times a week.

I weigh myself on my Wii once a week and like to see the weight going down - was not impressed this week when it went up so deicided to for ww again!

Fingers crossed we can keep each other motivated!!!


I'm a greedy pig
sorry for barging in

i am looking at all the diets here on minimins

i tried ww a few years ago[switch i think it was called then] but i failed miserably because

-due to being only 4ft 8 or 4ft 9 at most i was only on 16 points a day and was too greedy to stick to it

-my mother cooked all the meals and couldn't ask her to weigh it

-i like all the wrong foods
-i can't cook

anyway i now live on my own during the week and i beleive the new ww plan has most fruit free[i like fruit but struggle big time with veg]so was wondering if maybe it would be worth trying this new plan when it comes out in january here in ireland

i don't know..i am so ashamed i failed the last time[despite staying to every meeting for 6 monts i didn't lose any weight overall due to being greedy

sorry for annoying you all

is this diet easier or harder to stick to than the old points. is this new plan worth a try in the hope the fruit and weekly points will help me stick to it .
the answer is: it depends. It depends from what you like eating. You might be lucky because since you will now have like everyone 29 propoints per day plus 49 weekly allowance you will be able to indulge a bit with the "wrong" food, as long as you eat the "right" food and try to economise on propoints to start with. The 49 weekly might be your saviour, but try to eat less carbs, like pasta and etc. and more proteins, like lean meat, beans etc to keep yourself full!
Katy how did it go?

Stupid, it's worth a try!
Hello everyone,

Well I took the plunge and went to group last night!! To find that when I got there they had cancelled the meeting due to bad weather...I stoof there and a little voice came out of me and said 'I was going to join tonight!!!' The lady said thats fine, I can sign you up but I will have to go through it with you next week. Not the best start really but I thought it I have a good read and look on here then surely it must be worth a shot, even though there was no welcome meeting or any meeting for that matter!!

So i signed up, got my pack and bought the deluxe pack with the calculator, points books etc and had a good read last night. I was disgusted at what i weighed 14 9.5. I was 11.6 2 years ago, I feel such a greedy pig and didnt think i was so heavy!!!!

Really glad I have been though. I have had a good read last night (not everything though as theres loads!!) And today I am on day one.. its going to take me a while to get used to but I have to start somewhere. Probably the worst time of year to start but hey ho it will be a challenge.

So far today I have had my breakfast..

1 x banana - 0
1 x melon and pineapple fruit pot -
Co-op strawberry/blackcurrant smoothie 4

I have no idea what I am going to have for my lunch!! I am trying to point things so I have a good idea what things are as its sooo NEW!! I am out tonight for a family meal with my parents and partner to a lush Italian. I am think chicken with a tomatoo based sauce for the main course and no idea for the main...and then theres the drinks too. I am just going to try and choose carefully but I have to enjoy myself too. Weekends arent the best for me but weekends at christmas are double trouble! Aslong as I keep Weight watchers at the back of my mind this weekend then I will be doing better then I did last week. I am going to write everything down and be truely honest as I have to be.

Sorry for going on!!

And 'Stupid' give it a go, I am exactly the same as you and how you feel. We need to do this for ourselves hun.

Well done you Katy for going!! Bit off that the lady didn't have time to even give you a quick run-through of the plan, I joined this week and coz of weather no-one stayed back but she still had ten mins to chat to me and my friend! Hope you get a good intro next week, and well done for starting this week anyway!!

I'm like you, completely baffled by points and really scared and unsure what to eat!! So I've bought ready meals etc for my evening meals, meaning I've one less meal to weigh and measure for now!! When I'm confident again I'll go back to my cooking from scratch!!

I'm loving being a bit tentative with food though, means each night I have some points left for a couple of quality street of an evening!!


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