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Joining you soon


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Hi all,
I'm Jools and I've decided to start the Cambridge diet as I have had no luck losing weight any other way. I have over 4 stone to lose so hoping this will help me. I still need to find a CDC so off to look for one now.
Looking forward to getting to know you.
Oh and for saraian24...hiya babes, thanks for introducing this site to me :thankyou:
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Hi Jools!!!

Good Luck! Hope you find a CDC easily enough and hope you get on great with the diet - I have been on it about 10 weeks now and I love it! The first few days are tough, but once you are in the zone you (or at least I) feel great!!!! I have lost over 4stone in that 10 weeks (though have alot more to lose than you!). Its the only diet that has ever worked for me and the only diet I have ever managed to stick to!


Yummy Mummy in the making
Hi and thank you for the welcome :)

Well done on you weight loss, thats an amazing amount to lose :happy096:


Yummy Mummy in the making
Ooh I know! Everyone seems to be doing fab on this diet. Fingers crossed it will work for us. My problem will be giving up my wine :eek:
welcome to minimins and cd, hope you find a cdc soon. All I can say is that it's the only diet i've managed to stick with, most of the other ones I have started and stopped within a week but with the cd even though my 4th and 7th day were crap, I am finally in the zone and have lost nearly a stone in less than 3wks. Any time you feel low just come on here and people will lift you up instantly and advice you. You've made the right choice hun.


Yummy Mummy in the making
Thank you so much, is it wrong that I'm excited about a diet??? ;)
Hi there. I have four stones to lose and am on day 1. So far so good. There were a few counsellors near me, but some didn't get back to me; I went with one who was half way between home and work.

I am already (!) so excited about my first weigh in....

Good luck!


Yummy Mummy in the making
Thanks for the welcome girls. Have found a CDC and she is going to call me tomorrow night to talk things over :D
How long does it usually take from talking to counsellor to starting diet?
I spoke to my counsellor via email but she couldn't see me for another week - but I started CD today, on the day I met her.


Loves being slim!
I waited a week, but thats because I had a birthday and a wedding to go to, but I left her house with a weeks worth ready to go.
Really good luck with this, I like not having to decide what to eat. I'm at the end of day 2 and I feel fine. (Maybe a bit more tired but I've rushed about after I was told about a meeting 2 hours before it happened today so that might be why.)

Having been here before starting and the past few days, and theres nothing I've wanted to ask that someone hasn't had an answer for. It's brilliant.
Welcome, good luck and enjoy it x

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