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Hi, I'm Roz and this is my second go at weight watchers. I've tried slimming world and cambridge in the past too. I don't go to classes, I'm just doing it on my own at home. I've got a question though, is it ok not to weigh yourself? I'm guessing i'm around 11 1/2 stone. I was 11 at the start of december. It's just that i get obsessed with the scales and if i don't lose one week then I think "sod it" and fall off the wagon. I'm going to weigh myself maybe every 6 weeks or so and just go by how loose my clothes are feeling. I'm 5ft so would like to lose about 3 stone. I started on new years day with a points allowance of 18 and have stuck to it so far:) Quite proud of myself. Just wondered if anyone else has tried this way.
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