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JoJos Diary - Where do I go wrong?


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I thought i would post this in an effort to help me get my head round where I am going wrong. :cry:
I am finding it really difficult at the moment to understand exactly what I can and cant do. I have obviously made some obvious changes:-

butter changed to a low fat butter
sugar changed to sweetex
semi skinned milk to skinned
bread changed to weight watchers bread

Below is what I have had to eat so far today:-

Banana ( i am not a very good eater in the mornings, but forced this down)

Prawn salad, contained, onion, pepers, lettuce, prawns and low fat colslaw.
2 pieces weight watchers bread lightly spread with low fat butter
Alpen low fat breakfast bar

Grilled chicken breast, cauliflower, mash consisting of very little potatoe, sweet potatoe and swede (I did mix a tablespoon of low fat butter into this)
SW hi-fi bar

Going to have a fat free Octivia yoghurt now cause I still feel a little hungry

Please feel free to comment, I could really do with some pointers.
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HI jojo69 the only thing i can see to question is what day are doing i see you had an alpen light bar and a hifi bar and chicken all the above can be classed as healthy extras but only two of them chicken and either the hifi bar or the alpen lights x2 on green its 2 HEB and on extra easy its 1 HEB sorry trying to get it to make sense but dont get disheartened hun you,ll get there this forum is great for advice


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Hi me again when you come onto the slimming world threads if you skim down the page theres a thread called questions/advice for new comers its fantastic i joined 5 weeks ago and ive read it loads of times and will probably keep going back to refresh anyway good luck and goodnight.:)


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Hi thanks for the reply, I dont know what day I was doing, I am so confused by it all to be honest. I guess EE?
Well today,


Plain tuna on brown bread with a little tuna
Packet of french fries (86 cal)
Alpen Light Bar

I am planning on having tinned mackrel in a light tomato sause, on 2 pieces of weight watchers bread, no butter
Soup with 2 pieces weight watchers bread.

I am struggling with keep feeling hungry, I guess instead of grabbing the breakfast bars, I should grab a banana or an apple instead?

I am going to keep at this no matter how hard it becomes as I am determined !

I think I need to get my head around what I can have on what days.
Somethings come to others easier than me by the looks of it haha
thanks for your advice though i appreciate it.x


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Hi JoJo,

Don't be disheartened, it takes a bit of getting used to but you can do it!

It's hard feeling hungry all the time but that's why Slimming World is good cuz there are things out there that you can eat shedloads of! My favourite Free Food Staples are Noodle MugShots (Great for a snack any time of day!) and Muller Light Yogurts (any flavour except the cherry underlayer one - great for satisfying any sweet cravings).

For lunch I have eradicated bread entirely and have salad (with as many vegetables etc as poss) and Asda Barbeque Chicken Chunks for protein. You can also have couscous (as much as you like!).

Try making your mashed potatoes (don't worry about the potato content it's the butter that's bad) with a few tablespoons of vegetable stock (free), it gives it the same consistency without using syns/ healthy extras.

Jacket potatoes are also a favourite, I have mine with beans and cheese as my healthy extra.

I would definitely try and have more in the mornings, even if it's just fruit with a muller light poured over, you'll be less inclined to snack all morning and pig out at lunch.

I hope that helps a bit? I've just started a food diary myself (to stop myself eating too much chocolate!) so feel free to have a look at that for inspiration if you're struggling - 128 Days To Be Bikini Ready!


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