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Jo's weekly weigh in

Hi, I'm Jo and i'm 28yrs old. I was on the cambridge diet back in 2006, i lost a lot of weight on it but i have put alot back on.

2 weeks ago i got on the scales and broke down in tears 13stone 11pounds, Cant fit into my clothes and the strain on my back is so painfull as i have arthritis in my lower back.

The reason i gave up CD was because i just couldnt afford it bring up my daughter by my self and being a full time accounting student and not being able to get to their house as i dont drive and i live in the middle of no where, so i got my laptop out and came accros a site that provide very simular shakes and soups that i was on before, except on this one its 3 meal replacements, 1 vitamin tablet and a high protein meal eg 200g of chicken and a salad. So i placed my 1st order on day 2 i placed my 2nd order as there was no way i was gonna run out lol.

The first 4days was hell but then i was prepared for it as i remembered what it was like in 2006. I cant drink tap water as it doesnt taste nice in this village it comes out like it is that stuff for stomach upsets so i do have very week sugar free squash just so i can drink the 3litres of fluid.

I have just finisted my 1st week back on a cheaper version of the Cambridge Diet, I have had a 6LBS weight loss and a 2" loss, I'm so happy.
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Thanks guys, I'm going to buy a britta water filter jug so i can drink this water as the sugar free squash must be keeping me out of ketosis, Its just this water outta the taps here comes out like that powdered indigestion stiff (andrews i think its called) but it taste gross!!!

you have all done well on your loss, keep it up guys!!!!
Well done on your loss...I'm much bigger and therefore expected to lose a lot of weight but as your smaller you must have worked so hard to get 6lbs off! Congratulations!
Thank you Olivia, OMG you must have worked so hard to loose 7lbs with healthy eating and exercise, I'm on a simular diet to the cambridge diet.

I got my Britta Filter today, the water taste so much better than the water direct from the tap as it comes out like its got andrews salt stuff in it. I lost another 1lb today so thats half a stone gone :-D
thanks :) take my advice and don't weigh yourself everyday...some days you can put weight on and its so disheartening :)


Determined! I Can do this
thanks :) take my advice and don't weigh yourself everyday...some days you can put weight on and its so disheartening :)
Totally agree - nothing worse then an everday weigh in especially when you hit a platau, it will really get you down as you may not lose for days until your body kicks into gear again xx
just a quick update, today is week 2 on my diet and i have lost 5lbs this week so that is a total of 11lbs gone :-D

i have been on a plateu since friday and 2lbs went overnight :)

I will do the measurements later as i have to run to catch the train, but i just had to update as i'm so happy.
this week i have lost 5lbs, i have lost 1 1/2 inches around my waist, 1 inch around my hips and 1/2 inch around my arm
i have been back on my diet for a week now as i had to take a week off (dr's orders) as i had suspected swineflu. In that week i put on 3lbs:cry:.

But after being back on my diet for just under a week (6days as i want to continue with wednesday as my weighin) i have lost 4.2lbs:D so i have now lost a total of 13.2lbs from my starting weight of 193lbs to 179.8lbs

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