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Journey to a baby...

Morning all!
Im new to slimming world and I have been doing it 2 weeks now-lost 6lb yey!!!
Reason why im trying to lose weight is due to fertility problems and Im hoping by losing weight it will kick start my body into ovulating!
Starting a food diary to keep me on track

Breakfast: 2x ww brown danish (HE B)
tomatoes,beans and scrambled egg
Lunch: Mug shot 2 syns
Dinner: Slimming world chips egg and beans, Rf cheese (HE A)

Snack Milky way fun size 3.5 syns
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Hi Kelly M,

Just wanted to say good luck :) My little girl is 7 months old now...we were told that we would need fertility assistance as I wasn't ovulating regularly (approx every 72 days one year!). I was told by the fertility clinic to lose weight. I lost just under 10% of my body weight and must have ovulated on day 18/19 of my cycle. I found out I was pregnant Christmas eve 2009. A memory I'll never forget :) The cycle it happened I wasn't using my fertility monitor, ovulation sticks etc, we'd kind of given up and decided to concentrate on losing weight. We only got *ahem* jiggy (lol) once that month! Anyway, sorry to waffle, just wanted to say GOOD LUCK, stay positive xxx

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Hi Kelly

Good luck with your journey, i need to loose weight so we can have IVF have about 2.5 stone left to loose.
I think a lot of the time by loosing 10% of your body weight women conceive so fingers crossed.
Your diary looks good! :)
Thanks ladies, Next step for me is Ivf but Im hoping that the weight loss will work first :) Fab story Helly gives me hope! Nellylou, fingers crossed for you hopefully youll get a little surprise very soon!! xx
I have just had a baby, but I know people who struggle to get pregnant. I did by accident but what an amazing one it was. If you concentrate on getting pregnant it doesn't happen. If you let it happen on it's own accord it will happen. I know people who have tried for 2 years gave up and were adopting children instead, she fell pregnant within two months. So try not to concentrate on it and just have fun ;-) x
I know thats what everyone tells me! for 3 years Ive been obsessed but after our last set of treatment we decided to concentrate on us and having fun, not even thinking about it now, all the calenders and sticks have gone in the bin!! I will get my surprise one day xx
I hope you do it will be amazing for you. Good luck and keep us posted :)
How nice is this forum :) Thanks for all the replies
Ok todays food...
Breakfast: 2x ww danish, boiled egg, muller yoghurt, grapes
Lunch: Carrot soup (need to hunt down a recipe now) 2X ww danish, a pear, muller yoghurt
Dinner:Hubby wants chinese- might order boiled rice and veg curry and add my own quorn fillet??
Snacks- Milkyway and quavers

will also be dusting the wii fit and having a go lol x
Hi all,

Totally went off track this weekend :( had a weekend away for friends birthday, drank vodka and soda which was good but finished the night at 4am this morn with cheesy chips- so annoyed with myself... Tomorrow it starts again properly!! Im going to read my books again and refocus and write a daily food plan and stick to it!!
Hope everyones ok
New day New start :)
Breakfast- Fibre plus bar + Muller yoghurt
Lunch-Sw quiche and salad, apple, skips 4.5sins
Dinner- Quorn spag bol with cheese
Snacks- Jelly .5sin, milky way 5 sins
toast+ Laughing cow triangles
Total sins 10
Hi Kelly, have you had a good day back on plan? I am having a really hungry day today and what I love about SW is that I can go and get something to eat, dont have to starve! :p
Hi Kelly,
I had to chime in here too...
What a wonderful reason to be loosing weight. Don't let the blip cheesy chips get you down your new start looks to be working perfectly. Wishing you the best of luck with your weightloss journey and hope that you have a BFP really soon
Hi Ladies!
Thanks for your kind words :)
Been good so far today...
Breakfast..Mullerlight yog + kelloggs fibre plus bar (HEB)
Lunch..Sw quiche.. Grapes
Dinner.. Roasted peppers stuffed with Cous cous 1.5sin?? Quorn steak
Sins 1.5 so far may have a treat later
also have 1 xHEB & 2x HEA to maybe use

Back at work today so its much much easier..and weigh in tonight but im expecting a gain!
After the time you have had it's allowed!! :)

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Sorry not updated for a couple of days, Ive had the worst week ever! On tues night I bent over and did my back in, Been unable to move and went for physio and Ive moved a joint out of place-very painful!
So food wise Ive actually been very good considering
Breakfast- 2x bread, quorn sausage, egg, brown sauce 1.5syn?
Lunch- 2x Ryvita, cottage cheese, Spring onion
Dinner- Tba.....
Hope everyone else is well and enjoying the sunshine
Hi Hun stay positive it will happen I'm sure. Keep eating healthy and keep posting your daily diary together we can all beat obesity and get our dream I concieved on iui in 2008 and was a long awaited 8years but finally after losing the weight I gt my dream I wish I had lost weight sooner as I think was reason I conceived good luck and let us know how u go xxxx
I need to get back on track..Im naughty when I dont update my diary!! so starting from now I will do it everyday

breakfast: 2 x ww brown margerine 2 syns

Lunch: ww mushroom and potato wedge melt 5syns?? muller yoghurt

Dinner: sw quiche, sw chips + beans

snack cheesy mug shot 2 syns
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