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Journey to finding me again :)

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by ChampagneDreams, 5 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Ok, well here goes.. I have never started an online diary before but reading through all the posts and being inspired by them, I thought I would give it a go..

    I am on day two of Slimming world and so far I am loving it, I cannot help being annoyed at myself for putting so much weight on but am trying to see this as a new year and a new me.

    In the past two years I have put on five stone, hmmm not good seeing it in writing (typing?) but am positive that it will be gone by Christmas. Ok well almost positive (deep breath erm.. yes absolutely positive!)

    I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer 2 and a half years ago and went though Chemo and Surgery. Losing my hair was awful as it had always been my pride and joy, I also lost my breast and generally felt like I lost a little piece of me along the way. I took on all treatment in a really positive way and have come through it so far relatively unscathed, emotionally at least. My hair is growing back and my energy levels are returning. Now its time to find me again.

    I started putting on weight after I got married at the end of my chemo, then we went on holiday a few months later and the weight started creeping on, this was followed by more holidays and parties and generally any excuse to eat loads.. I kept justifying it to myself that it was ok as it was a side effect of tablets (rubbish!) doing a desk job from doing an active job (not helpful but neither is eating sweets at the desk all day long) holidays (everyone puts on weight on holiday don't they?) and Christmas when its acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast lunch and in between (ok so that one is ridiculous but at the time perfectly sane!)

    I have joined with my daughter who is a brilliant lil cook and already we have been coming up with some really tasty treats.. I have bought myself 10 new silver charms and will put one on my new charm bracelet for every half a stone I lose. All of the charms are incentives to motivate me to lose weight such as a bikini a flip flop an aeroplane etc.

    Good Luck to everyone starting their journey and may 2014 be a positive, healthy and happy year

    Julie x
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  3. LuhLuhLoser

    LuhLuhLoser 4. 8. 15. 16. 23. 42.

    We can do this! You've cracked beating cancer, this will be a breeze compared to that! Looking forward to seeing your progress :) x
  4. Thanks sweetie - if you keep cooking the meals like you have made today it will be easy - Florida and capes!!! xx
  5. abisaurus

    abisaurus Silver Member

    Such an inspirational story :) This is a fab plan and that weight will be off in no time at all. good luck on you journey, look forward to seeing how you get on .x.x.
  6. Thank you - you have done so well you must be so pleased x
  7. Lindsey-g

    Lindsey-g Recovering chocoholic

    Good luck with your weight loss journey. I look forward to seeing your progress. I started on 4th January and will be doing it myself at home, love this website, lots of inspiration.
  8. Lindsey-g

    Lindsey-g Recovering chocoholic

    Forgot to hit subscribe button!
  9. pineappleplant

    pineappleplant Full Member

    Wow, what an inspiration, after beating cancer this should be a walk in the park!! :) looking forward to following your progress. Good luck xx
  10. Good luck Lindsey - its going to be fun seeing how we all get on..

    Thank you Pineappleplant :) hoping it will be a doddle but I do LOVE the food but now I have started I am hoping my stubborness will help

  11. Day 4 Mid week panic!

    Today I have spent a lot of the time worrying that this 'diet' will not work, I will not lose weight and I will need to live on grapefruit/wire teeth or something equally insane to actually get back to my pre-gain weight! One part of my head says that this is a successful way to lose weight and stay slim - my sister-in-law has lost almost 6 stone and looks amazing, then the other part thinks that this is not going to work as I am eating way too much... For lunch today I had bacon, eggs and sw style chips with a starter of beetroot and a plum for afters... tonight we had Lentil and Chicken Curry with rice and grated carrot (such an easy and tasty way to add in superfree) In my head this does not make sense..

    This year we have three weddings to go to (me being a bridesmaid at one - huge gulp) 2 lovely holidays (one in Greece and Florida in October) a theatre break in London with friends and a glamping trip.. so much to motivate me I just need my head to catch up with everything else..

    In all other aspects of my life I am totally sane (well mainly) but when it comes to food I have the most insane moments/days/head space

    Oh well will keep on plodding on til weigh in on Friday - hope everyone else is doing super well :)
  12. Just home from SW club and have lost 9lb in my first week.. mixed feelings really as obviously its a lot to lose in one week and I am happy with that but on the other side I don't know how I can be happy when I am still so far from what I was... I have come to accept that dieting is only half the battle, the other battle is getting my head to do as well... hopefully as I continue through this year the two will make friends and join together so can be healthy and look good and can accept that I am healthy and looking good - hope everyone is well
    Love love
  13. LuhLuhLoser

    LuhLuhLoser 4. 8. 15. 16. 23. 42.

    You're doing so well, and you're now 9lb closer to target! :) Keep positive and try and enjoy the journey, you'll be there in no time! x
  14. Second week:
    Well after being convinced the first week was a fluke I have lost a whopping 5lb this week so 1 stone in two weeks.. was super happy but now I have just eaten a huge roast and feel stuffed which makes me panic.. there were 5 lots of superfree and the rest was meat and potatoes so I obviously need to get my head around the fact that its free for a reason... back to work tomorrow so lots of fruit and left over meat and veg... just a quick update really xx
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