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Joy's ww diet diary

Day 1 and feeling motivated.

just printed out my tracker and worked out my points.

I'm allowed 25 points at the minute.

Hopefully by next week i'll have shifted 3 lb and will only be allowed 24 :D

Cut sugar out of my tea and it's not as bad as i thought it would be, having fruit for my breakfast.
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Likes to eat
Hi wanna.be.slim!


Well done on starting off - you're shrinking from here on in!!

If you really like sugar in your tea could you try a sweetner instead? (there free!!!!) sometimes, I love a nice sweet cuppa and its a good alternative!.

I know its only day one but what do you think of it so far?

I'm delighted you started a diary - its a great way to track your progress and a lovely thing to look back on when you're down a few stone plus it gives us all a good nose he he :p

If theres anything you need help with please dont hesitate to shout. You'll found theres a great bunch on here - its not usually this quite - i dont know where everyone is!!! :confused:
Hi wanna.be.slim!


Well done on starting off - you're shrinking from here on in!!

never thought of it like that, i like that alot :D

thanks for thge welcome, just had cuppa at sisters and had a sweetner instead of sugar and i couldnt tell the difference, if anything it was sweeter lol


Likes to eat
oh they REALLY do!! I was just saying that to my OH last night - I think before I just didnt realise how much unneccessary calories/ fat I was putting into my body - I wouldnt think anything at all of drink loads of milky (full fat) sugary tea/ coffee - I was probably having up to 10 points of it a day :eek: now when I think of it.

What I've found is there is an alternative for EVERYTHING - like one day I was craving a kebab so I got a pitta bread, filled it with chopped up healty living buger, extra light mayo, tomatoe sauce, H/L cheese and salad - whole thing was like 5 points and completely sorted out my craving..
sounds good when you put it that way hun, i wouldnt have dreamt of looking for alternatives before now but i'm sure in a few weeks i'll have alternatives for everything lol

I'm just thinking of xmas/new year time and want to be near goal by then, realistic? hmmm we'll see

You have exactly 40 weeks from today til the 22nd of December.

I have no doubt in my head that with a little detemination, if you stick to this you will DEFINATELY be at goal.

ww say that you'll loose between 1 - 2 lbs a week, from my experience on here, its 1 - 3lbs.

so, if you loose 1lb (which I seriously doubt) per week between now and then thats 40lb,

If you loose 2lbs thats 80lb (and we wont see you he he)

or if you loose 2lbs for 20 weeks and 1lb for 20 weeks, you'll be down 60lbs (what I reckon is realistic)

I think its really really wise of you to have a realistic time frame like you've given yourself!! just think of picking out all those little black dresses for Christmas parties!! woo hoo!!
Hi Joy,

:welcome:to WW. I have done WW twice now and each time it has worked wonders for me. It's such a realistic diet and it doesn't take away your favourite foods!!

If you're like me and have a sweet tooth, then I would stock up on sugar free jelly's, low fat yogurts and WW deserts, which are yummy...especially the chocolate brownie one.

Good luck with it all.

Princess xx


Going From Flab to FAB!
Hey Joy nice to meet you! ......
sorry ive not posted sooner but had parents visiting! Im loving ww at the minute! and it is true you find alternatives altho i have to say i cheat and usualy buy the tesco lightchoice range as they are pointed for you! hehe saves me a job! ........I find the boards wonderful and the people on them are the same! .. and keeping a diary is a great idea! Im always babbling away in mine! Its also good cos ya get to nosey and how others are doing hehehe ...

what day do you weigh? ... I do tuesday evenings! xxx

shout if ya need anything xxx
hi thanks for all your warm welcomes! I'm doing ok, sticking to my points and having what i fancy, i weigh in on a monday i think with my sister, she's just joined here too, did the jordan workout today which i thought was really good, it was loads of fitness and toning and then afterwards she explains her diet to you, i loved it, doing ministry of sounds tomorrow, as long as i can walk lol :D