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Judd - calories on each day?

Hey all good evening!

I was just wondering if some lovely person could help me with getting started on the judd diet. I get the gist of it eg a very low day then a high day but what kinda calories should I be aiming for on each day? I dont want to not count on the high day as I would just go mad! Also is it just a pattern of low high low high over seven day?

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Here's the JUDDD website: UpDayDownDay Diet™ Plan – How to Succeed

Scroll down and you'll get to the calorie counter which will tell you what you need to aim for. I've only been on this a few days so no expert myself lol, but all going well so far. I am counting cals on up days as don't want to either overdo it or not eat enough, but most people don't count on up days. It's just alternate ongoing days, so one week you'll have three up days, and the next week four.

Hope that helps :) Good luck with it and keep us posted of how you get on! You make number 5 of our little juddding tribe!


Wants to do this!
go for it miss nadine. It's really quite ok. Down days get feel a bit tricky but its only for one day, then its back up again.
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Yes Channy I totally agree, it's a lot better than I thought it would be. I thought I might not be able to stand the dds, but it's weird that I haven't really felt hungry. Not bad at all :) Of course the uds are fab lol :D
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I think you're meant to start on the 20% for the first two weeks, then gradually increase it as you lose weight. Some people stay on 20% for longer than that tho, all depends on how much you have to lose I suppose.
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Yes I'm on 20%, only started on Thursday. I'm having 480 on dds, but as long as I keep under 500 I won't mind although been under the 480 on the two dds I've had so far. Then up days it said 2404, but that seems like so much been sticking to 2000 - 2200. I was doing slimfast so used to having 1340 cals a day max (usually about 1200).
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I've had just under 500 calories today and find im not really hungry. My calorie allowance were
UD: 2323 Calories
DD: 465 Calories
and I have a stone to lose. I'm pretty new here too after CD and looking at others diarys has really helped (thank you JUDDDers :wavey:) for ideas of what to spend my allowance on. x

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