JUDDD/IF Newbie Or Weight Loss Has Stalled This May Be For You!!

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  1. Lanarkwitch

    Lanarkwitch Gold Member

    I've been IF'ing myself now for just over 4 weeks and in that time I've read a lot about various approaches to intermittent fasting and I thought I'd share for those who are thinking about starting or are maybe a little confused about all the different ways that people refer to their plans in the diary section.

    I don't profess to be an expert in any way!

    Make sure you read up yourself about IF and the plan you are considering following, but the commonalities of all the approaches are basically:

    IF provides a way to restrict calories and yield weight loss, by not consuming calories in your fasting window your body will, after 14-16 hours switch over to burning it's own fat reserves for fuel, which makes it more efficient as a weight loss tool than simply counting over all calories. There are lots of other claims made about IF, I'm not a doctor so I won't go into that side of things.

    JUDDD - Covered in detail by Jilly on this board (You can read Jilly's excellent post here http://www.minimins.com/johnson-upd...e-juddd-everything-you-need-know-succeed.html), so no more needs to be said except that JUDDD was really designed for full up and down days, theres no mixing it up, it's either up or down. Some people have developed their own approach, that works for them, and they have discovered through a process of trial and error.

    Eat Stop Eat - This book was written by Brad Pilon some years ago, his approach is 1-2, 24 hour fast per week on which no calories at all are consumed within the 24 hour period, only calorie free/very low calorie drinks are allowed and absolutely nothing else, so do say 5pm one day until 5pm the next, no calories in between and eat what you want after 5pm until your next fast begins. It's very simple, there's no calorie counting, because you're eating or you're not eating and as Brad says your body has 2 states, fasted or fed, there really isn't anything in between, the book can be downloaded in PDF format from the internet. Some people do the ESE regime on an alternate day basis.

    Fast 5 - Developed by Dr Bert Herring Fast 5 allows you to eat every day within a 5 hour eating window, so basically you fast for 19 hours , no calories at all, eat what you like for 5 consecutive hours, the eating window of 5pm - 10pm is popular. There is an excellent free ebook again download from the internet. Fast 5 isn't complicated either, there's no calorie counting, because you're eating or you're not eating.

    Leangains - Same as Fast 5 except it's 16/8, this regime is primarily used by people involved in strength training (body building) and involves a rigorous regime of weight lifting, clearly not for everyone then!

    5:2 - I am sure little needs to be said about this one after all the publicity, but it involves eating no more than 500 cals a day (for women) and 600 cals a day (for men), 2 days per week, non consecutive days are recommended, the other 5 days you can eat what you want, although focus is put on eating a healthy balanced diet ( as is the case with all the other approaches it has to be said)

    Whatever regime you chose or if weight loss has stalled here are some questions to ask yourself:

    Will/does the approach fit my lifestyle? ( how can you tweak the plan to suit you and make sure you stay on it?)
    Does my approach include a period of 16 hours where I'm not eating any calories ( to maximise fat burning benefits)
    Am I consciously over eating when non fasting? ( all of the plans say eat anything you want in non fast periods, they do not say eat everything!)
    Are you keeping a food journal? ( log your calories, it's very useful to spot where you might be going wrong)

    Notes About IF

    IF is probably different from all the other diets you've tried, it can take a while to get into the swing of it and the average seems to be about 4 weeks, in the adjustment phase you can expect to :

    Gain weight temporarily as the body adjusts.
    Over eat during non fast times, this will subside as your appetite adjusts.
    Disturbed sleep, some IF'ers find sleeping on an empty tum a little difficult, this subsides over time.
    Increased energy, after about 2 weeks you should feel an increase in energy and mental alertness.
    Feel guilty about eating, unfortunately thats what diets do to you!
    Worry about eating all the UP/non fast calories, don't you will manage to eat what you want/need.
    Worry it's not working, it does just trust the plan.
    See scale bounces, this is normal, weighing once a week after a fast period is recommended, especially if you are put off by temporary gains

    Hopefully some of you will find this useful for your If journey, good luck!
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  3. JillyCornwall

    JillyCornwall Full Member

    Great guide well done. Sure to be of great help to those that want to 'adapt' JUDDD to suit their life styles.
  4. trendydiva

    trendydiva Member

    Great post Lanark ... Very helpful !! I really enjoy IF, it def fits in with my lifestyle & I'm fully converted lol. I've done 16/8 for 2 wks & lost 7 lbs but I work nights & JUDDD' ing is better for me with 500 cals for snacks during the night, I sleep during the day Anyway. I'm hoping to drop this stone by spring time so just going with the flow taking it nice & steady :)
  5. Lanarkwitch

    Lanarkwitch Gold Member

    Well done!! And a brilliant example of how If can be tweaked to suit everyone, thanks for posting that, I think some people are put off thinking they have to follow a prescribed plan, when in fact it's just what suits you!!

    Keep up the brill work!
  6. lottiebird

    lottiebird Silver Member

    Thanks for this :) I really love the idea of IF, so if I don't get on well with JUDDD I will definitely try one of the others, so this handy little guide is really helpful :D
  7. superclaire999

    superclaire999 Full Member

    Great guide, thanks for the info
  8. BedtimeBear

    BedtimeBear Full Member

    What a great post, Lanark! x
  9. fizzyfluff

    fizzyfluff Gold Member

    Fab post.

    I've been wondering for a while should we be asking a moderator to change the name of our forum? While there are some doing true juddd, there are some doing one of the alternatives above, might make it more inclusive?

    Can't think what to call it?

    Intermittent fasting might be best, as it is an on off name. Or controlled fasting?

    9 lost : 58 to goal
  10. Lanarkwitch

    Lanarkwitch Gold Member

    I think it's a great idea Fizzy, as just about everyone is doing a tweaked IF plan of some sort!
  11. fizzyfluff

    fizzyfluff Gold Member

    I'll msg pierce and see what they think

    9 lost : 58 to goal
  12. fizzyfluff

    fizzyfluff Gold Member

    Done, just said that there's prob more fasting alternative people here now than juddders, have asked for the IF as its kind of a catch all.


    9 lost : 58 to goal
  13. Lanarkwitch

    Lanarkwitch Gold Member

    I see they changed it Fizzy!
  14. fizzyfluff

    fizzyfluff Gold Member

    Yip, they've asked if we want to change the blurb as well, I can't see it on my phone, will try and get on the computer later. If so I was going to cut and paste your info here :)

    9 lost : 58 to goal
  15. Lanarkwitch

    Lanarkwitch Gold Member

    Bumping this for newbies who might find it helpful
  16. Minnie64

    Minnie64 Think thin

    Thanks for bumping this one Lanarkwitch. I have just started the 5:2 plan. I last ate about 9pm but finished some wine at about 10pm on Monday night. I am trying to hold out until 9/10ish this evening so I have done 2 consecutive days. I hasten to add I will not be doing consecutive days normally it's just that it so happens to be right for me this week due to days out etc etc. Will see how I go.
    Good luck to all xx
  17. Lanarkwitch

    Lanarkwitch Gold Member

    The IF Diet book recommends 2 consecutive days whilst other books actively discourage it. i suppose if you can handle them then go for it :)
  18. maggiemags

    maggiemags Member

    Thank you that is really interesting. Think I may combine fast days and low carb on other days.
  19. maggiemags

    maggiemags Member

    Thank you that is really interesting. Think I may combine fast days and low carb on other days.
  20. Debbi8489

    Debbi8489 Silver Member

    Very useful. Thanks for that LW :)

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