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Judgement and reassurance

Hi guys,

I am now on day 6 of SS and still struggling a bit. Not helped by the fact that I caught a virus on day one and had to have the doctor out! So I'm not sure how much of my crappiness is Cambridge and how much is the virus..

Anyway. I suppose I'm just here for some reassurance that I'm doing the right thing. Online and everywhere there is so much judgement if you say you're doing the Cambridge diet. So many people tell you scare stories and tell you it's stupid. I suppose I'm just worrying about what I might be doing to my body by doing this extreme a diet.

I'm still hungry, even at day 6. Maybe going back to work tomorrow after illness will help with that though.

How has everyone else coped with the judgement and the worry?
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please try again
eh i dont pay no mind to the judgement and scare tactics

most folks who say they heard its bad know a woman who knows a man who's girlfriends mothers best friends hairdressers client did cambridge and got sick, didnt lose anything, gained it all back etc. i dont listen to chinese whispers so i nod and smile and carry on with what im doing because it works for me and i feel great 90% of the time on cambridge


Gone fishing
Sadly, these people that judge don't know anything about the diet.:confused: Question them and they come out with all sorts of weird beliefs about what it entails.


Needs more willpower
I've had people saying the same to me and this did have me worried but then the same people are first to say that being overweight is bad for you. Surely if it was bad when we go for the signature at the doctors they wouldn't agree to sign! Just go with what your body tells you and I'm sure having the virus has contributed to your feeling bad as the body takes time to get over such things. PinkyJ xx


Laugh in the face of food
I've had a lot of colleagues making bad judgements about CD and at first I found this hard because I work in a medical setting. But then I thought 'Hang on....on CD I'm actually better nourished and getting more vitamins and minerals than I was before I started the diet.' I had a cold recently and of course everyone blamed the diet, but I soon out them right. I've been a bit more confident in defending this diet choice now because I know it works, I may be doing it for the second time, but it's not because I failed or put all the weight back on like everyone said I would....it's because I put a bit back on after a stressful time and I chose to get it off using CD because I know it works!!

Ignore all the critics, hard as it can be sometimes xxx

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