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Judy's getting into shape journal

I think it's great to have a journal on a forum like this where we can support each other. So I promise to write here daily! ;)

I've been trying to lose weight for so long! Last year I did lost actually, and I wasn't unhappy with my weight (which is really a weird feeling for me because I'm a little obsessed with my weight) but I lost weight with almost no exercise so I wasn't really happy about how I looked.

During summer holiday I went back home from college, and not to make my family sad I didn't smoke (they don't know) so I gained it all back.

This year, I tried to do more regular exercises but I had my ups and downs during the weight loss process. I diet strictly during the weekdays, but if I have no plans on weekends and I stay in the dorm, I eat like a pig!! :mad: :sigh: I won't do this anymore!!!

I want to be around 48-49 kgs (I'm around 160 cms) So by the help of the april challange and this diary I'm hoping to reach my goal at the end of May :) So I can be confident during the summer vacation. I really would like to take pictures and not hate how I look.

I won't eat unhealthy, greasy food. I'll have a good balanced diet. I'll take my vitamins and try to get enough protein. (I'm a vegetarian so it's a little hard for me to get enough proteins when I'm on a diet) I'll try to keep a good mood, try to stay motivated. I'll try not to make excuses for not exercising.

Okay, so let's see how I'll roll for two months :)
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G: 10st7lb
welcome along :)

it's a great idea to keep a diary on here, you will get lots of support from everyone who is in the same boat!

Good luck, have a good day :)
So today is day 1!

I slept really bad last night. I'm very tired right now =(
I ate my breakfast of around 300 kcals, did a 10 minute yoga from a video of Tara Stiles. Now I'll get prepared and go to gym and jog for 30 minutes, come back and exercise with the exercise bar I bought last week, I think it's good for arm exercises. Then I'll try to do some exercises for my abs, they're extremely hard for me, even the easiest ones. *sigh*

So let's get going =)
Today I did 10 minutes of yoga from a video of gorgeous Tara Stiles.
I went to gym and jogged for ~30 minutes. I'm at my 4th week of C25K program. I actually started to like jogging :)
Then I came back to my dorm and did some exercises with my exercise stick which helps me work the muscles on my arms and shoulders with 5 different exercises and my abs with another one. I did side bends for 2 minutes.

I ate responsibly until I came back from library to dorm and ate a small cup of pasta and 3 light biscuits :/ But now I'm not hungry at all so there's no chance I'll eat anything else. But still, I should add a mini snack, like an apple or some cucumber after dinner so I won't be hungry when I come to my dorm. I also drank milk today and ate cheese and egg whites so my protein intake isn't bad :)

Tomorrow I'll go jogging again and I should also do some exerises for my abs and do yoga and arm exercises again. :sigh: I'm writing this so I'll be like "I said I was gonna go jogging" :)
Day 2

I didn't go to gym today. I didn't do any exercise in my room either.. But I think, maybe it's good that I didn't, you know. Because I'm definitely not an exercise lover and by trying to be so hard on myself at the very beginning I may end up giving up. So I think 3 or 4 days a week is quite good.

Last night, after my last post I ate things, but today I ate really little. I ate a normal breakfast, wheat bread and cheese and pepper, and a similar small early-lunch. I got hungry waiting for my friends to come so we can get dinner, but then it passed. So when we went to school cafeteria I wasn't hungry, which was good because we can have fix menu there and the main dish was chicken and the soup had meat in it, I can't eat them. So I only ate strawberries and like half a spoon of rice-peas-corn. Then we went to library and I didn't eat anything. Now I ate half a slice of bread, little cheese and 1 walnut. Between the meals I drank 2 cups of coffee and plenty of tea.

Tomorrow I'll eat more protein, I'll eat eggs and yogurt and drink milk. And if the pain around my tummy and waist goes away I'll go to gym. This friday I have an exam, so thursday I won't have the time to workout, I should go to gym tomorrow and friday after the exam because me and my friends may be out of town for the weekend.

Anyways, see you all tomorrow =)
Gah, I had an exam yesterday and it was super-stressed because it was an oral exam and there was a possibility that a horrible and crazy teacher who said he was willing to make us fail because we didn't attend his lecture will do it but thank God another teacher did our exam :S Some teachers are just sick! But I couldn't be very careful about what I ate.. Anyways, I'll carry on from where I left this. I don't have an exam for 6 weeks. I'm ~54 kgs right now and I signed up for april challange, I really really hope to lose 4 kgs in april, and I'll quit smoking around may 15th!

I'll eat carefully and healthy, I'll exercise everyday in my room and 3 days a week I'll jog. :character00116: Determined mode ON!
I'm bloated =( I have a huge tummy, I hate pm days =(
Yesterday I went to gym to jog but I just couldn't! I got out of my breath so quickly, I barely jogged for couple of minutes, then switched to walking for about 20 minutes..
This morning I had no lectures at school, I went to gym and today I jogged more comfortably but still not as good as I could last week. I really wonder why.

I really hate those who eat the world and do no exercise and still look like a model! And those who hate no appetite or whatsoever, who are never hungry so eat really little and look like a model! I think about how to lose weight and look better more than any normal girl would, I try my ass off to do so and I'm still fat. :cry:
I'm not that bloated anymore and I lost almost 2 pounds this week =) Yay!!
I'm doing okay so far, I can't really exercise but I've been eating little and lost 1 more pound. I wish I had more time to exercise but studying is so exhausting!

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