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jumanji's 2 Stone in 2 Months

I plan on losing 2 stones in 2 months, from between August 1st and October 1st. I'm currently 14 stonish, but I'll weigh in for my official starting weight on August 1st in 2 days time, even though I'll be dieting from now onwards.

I'll be doing a PSMF as outlined in Lyle McDonalds book - The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook. This basically consists of me eating around 150g of protein per day from lean sources only - with as little fat and carbohydrate as possible, and a small amount of fibrous vegetables, and 2 cheat meals per week. I'll be supplementing with 10g of Omega 3 Fish Oil every day, as well as a multivitamin.

Do you think it will be possible?

Any thoughts?:jelous:


Ok, it's the 1st of August and I weighed myself coming in at 203 pounds. That's slightly annoying for me as my lowest weight so far has been 194 pounds, so I've gained a fair bit. Hopefully I can put that right though with this challenge.

Diet adherence chain: http://smarterfitter.com/chain/view?read_key=39a2cd650055a62c1d27e4c1548d795799bb50d6

Starting Weight - 01/08/2009 August 09: 203 lbs

Goal Weight - 01/10/2009: 175 lbs

01/08/2009: 203 lbs
08/08/2009: 196 lbs
15/08/2009: N/A
22/08/2009: 193 lbs

There's no real specific reason why I need to be 175 pounds by 01/10/09, but I just like to set myself challenges. Would be nice if anyone else would like to join me in my challenge :)
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Even though it's 1 day to go until my first official weekly weigh in, I weighed myself this morning and I was 196 lbs. Which means I'm 7 lbs down from my starting weight in only 6 days, which confuses me slightly, as I was meeting a friend (one who I happened to meet on this site actually, yay!) so I didn't really follow any diet on Wednesday or Thursday, and I'm pretty sure I ate more calories than the free meals would have allowed during that time. But oh well, it's only scale weight I guess :) But it's still reassuring to not see myself balloon! rofl. Anyway, official 1st week weigh in tomorrow, and I'll expect to be a thew pounds up from 196 lbs, we'll soon see though I guess.
Nope, unexpectedly there was no gain whatsoever today. Oh well, I'll consider myself blessed haha. 1 week gone, down 7 pounds to 196 (14 stone), from 203 (14 1/2 stone) at the beginning of the challenge!
well done. hope your next weigh in sees the loss you want.
Blimey that's a result! Well done you! Where can I read more about this diet? Sounds like the sort of thing my ex was always trying to get me to follow.
Lyle McDonald - Store | BodyRecomposition - The Home of Lyle McDonald

I'm doing the rapid fat loss hand book.

Lyle really knows his stuff, A guide to flexible dieting, The RFLH, and Ketogenic diet are all great. The Ultimate Diet 2.0 is probably the best cyclogenic diet out there for athletes and those who work out a lot.

A word of advice about the the RFLH, it works very well, but it is extreme if followed stringently, and far from easy to stick to. In fact, Lyle himself describes it as "The Scientific Approach To Crash Dieting". It's basically the safest way to lose as much fat as possible in the shortest amount of time :) My adherence has been pretty awful so far through this, but I've still seen decent progress. A plus of the diet, is as the general caloric deficit is so huge (especially for larger men), you can afford to cheat and still see good progress, it's just about not letting that cheat throw you off the wagon so to speak.

I'd recommend the RFLH to anyone who for whatever reason wanted to lose a lot of fat in a short amount of time, but as far as just general more long term dieting goes, "A Guide To Flexible Dieting" is fantastic.

Anyway, I would recommend all his books. :)
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Haven't even bothered with the diet this last week, so I wont bother with the weigh in. Need to get serious now if I plan on making my goal, gonna diet properly until the 22nd.

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