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june 09 challenge whos with me?( the biggest loser)

hi i am interested in setting up a june 09
challenge to see who can lose the most weight just for fun and motivation, we will do it like the biggest loser by seeing who lose the biggest percentage of there body weight by dividing the amount lost by your total weight and multiplying by 100.

everyone put up there starting weight and the every week put up there weight and there percentage and we will keep going till the end of the month to see who is the biggest loser.

whos in guys?
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I'll Join too...:)
Can I join? Starting tomorrow morning, am sadly very excited! :)
hi flame, im restarting lipotrim tomorrow too. good luck to use lol :)
Sorry to sound daft but when are we finishing, end of June? Should have been born a blonde x:gen147:


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Right, I'm up for this as I'm planning to refeed the 1st week of July so June will be my last ditch attempt to get to goal. My weigh in is on Sunday so I'll post my starting weight then. Bring it on :D


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Can I join in?

Hi all,

I'd like to join in... I started LT yesterday so just at the end of day 2 for me!! Will be going for official weigh in either 2m or Saturday (I got a week in the UK last week as its so cheap there) so will post my weight then if thats ok.

I have a primary school reunion on July 4th so will need to keep on track throughout June...

See you soon!


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Count me in just what i need to get me over this hump. Will post my weight on Monday.


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Made an appointment for Tuesday (its Bank Holiday here on Monday!) ao that will be my 1st official weigh in.. I will have been on LT for 6 days at that point just got to get thru a long Bank Holiday weekend, thankfully hubby and kids about so they can cook and I will catch up on tv!!

See you Tuesday!


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Can I join in too? My weigh in day is Thursday..
Not sure what you do though as never been involved in a challenge...Is there like a subgroup, or do we just keep replying to this thread?
Can I join?

Hi please can I join too.
I am new to all this and have been reading about Lipotrim for the last couple of days.

I have just been out and got my weeks supply, so I will start tomorrow.

I am really looking forward to doing something which should work.

I will start tomorrow. My weight is 10st 8lbs.
Hey, count me in too!! I started on Friday, so that will be my starting weight (per the tracker!!)

starting weight 199lbs
Hi everyone, hows things? Hope everyones had a good day!:)

Went back to work today after the holiday, dont really want anyone to know that I am on LT because I am known for being a serial dieter and most people would probably think 'shes on another faddy diet'. Theres a couple of ladies who are on the CD and have lost loads of weight already so I sat with them, had some negative and positive comments which was good, weighed my self and I have lost 3.5 pounds, not bad for day 4 xx:):):):):):):):):)

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