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June - New starters!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by littlestars, 31 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. littlestars

    littlestars Member

    Hello! I am planning on starting my SW journey on the 1st of June and i wondered if anyone else wanted to buddy up with me. I am completely new to SW, i am doing in at home, mainly due to working full time and being a mum so i haven't always got time to go to meetings and if i am honest i would rather spend the money on a swimming session!

    I have battled with my weight for probably the past 15 years, after having children my body just never went back to normal and i openly admit i eat rubbish and sit on my butt most of the time. I recently moved to the lake district and changed jobs, for me this is an opportunity to lose this extra weight, and hopefully surprise a few people when i go back to the North East visiting!

    I am not at my heaviest having lost 8lbs over the past year or so (just being a bit more active i guess), I would like to lose 3st 12lbs altogether but i guess i will just know when i am happy and healthy and may start to maintain around 10st.

    I need all the advice i can get to succeed...so please help me!
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  3. RosiePops

    RosiePops Gold Member

    Hi Littlestars :)
    Good luck with your sw journey!
    I have been on and off plan for the last 12wks or so and lost a stone. Im currently 11st1lb and would like to be around 10st4lb.
    Had an off week and going out for tea tonight, I intend on eating what I like including pudding, then get on the wagon 100% as of tomorrow!
    going to make a superspeed soup to get me started.
    Hope there's lots of nice walks in the lakes where you are! A beautiful part of the country.
    I dont go to group either and like a nice swim :)
    We can do it!
    Rosie x
  4. EatenMess

    EatenMess Full Member

    Hiiiiii :D

    Just the type of thread I was looking for, brilliant so I don't have to start my own :D

    I'm Beccy, 32 and also a mum. I will be doing SW at home too, as well. I am unable to attend my local groups and could do with saving that £5 per week towards a new wardrobe (I'm thinking of a jar with the coins in to spur me on!)

    I do know SW very well, however I left my 13 year relationship early 2013, walked out with the kids and just a suitcase and now I'm settled and happy I'm ready to give it another shot. This time for real, without being tormented about it and belittled and having to deal with the exes problems I feel I can focus on myself :D I have my first occasion where I need to look good in August (new boyfriends nieces christening). I Started losing weight early this year clean eating and detoxing, then after meeting the new man in my life, I let myself go a little, meals out, desserts, take away's and far too much wine.

    My downfalls are wine, cheese, sweets and eating out !

    Here's to JUNE :D

    As for help? I find planning and variety are the key to my weightloss! I try not to get stuck eating the same things for lunch every day for example, or relying on the same snacks! Also I try new meals and am not afraid to treat myself (problem is I haven't given a flying Bee the last 6 months or so..... ;) ) .Also if you don't mind, I was thinking of adding my daily 'menu' in here just to keep me on track - but if that's too much for people, I won't lol xx
  5. vanwoodle

    vanwoodle Full Member

    Hi. I too am "re starting" now. Have spent the last week re reading mags and threads on here whilst re stocking my fridge and cupboards and have loosely followed the plan whilst trying to get my head back in to it. I had given up for the last year after trying a brief stint on paleo. Don't have loads to lose but a stone would be amazing for me. Now believe I'm back in the right place and actually looking forward to the challenge! I don't go to group....they just don't work for me (can't cope with the clapping and such!!). I know the plan inside out and back to front!! I do find all the help and inspiration I need on here...your all such helpful friendly people! Good luck all and here's to a very good June!! X
  6. Maria

    Maria Was born to shop


    good luck with your SW journey, I started yesterday and am really enjoying it so far.
  7. littlestars

    littlestars Member

    Yay! Good luck everyone. We can do this! I am hoping to finally feel good about going clothes shopping again, reaching to the back of the rack for that size 18 is really getting me down. I see such lovely thing and i know they would just look horrific on my "fat" body, but my hope is that by christmas i will be wearing some fabulous clothes and shoes!

    I am going to treat myself at every miles stone, (obviously non food treats) things like, i want a pair of irregular choice shoes, i want some nice clothes, designer sunshades, new hair style, and when i get to goal i am going to have my awful (stupid teenage idea) tattoo on my shoulder covered over with something really pretty i can show off when i wear nice sleeveless tops! I also would really like to have my varicose veins done as 4 pregnancies, years of a bad contraceptive and being over weight have left me with some awful veins that bulge and can't wear dresses or skirts anymore :(

    Does anyone else have some amazing treats when they reach mini goals?

    I feel a bit lost at the moment with Slimming world so i am going to do lots of reading and plan my meals tonight for the rest of the week. I am pretty good at work, i usually have a salad and fruit and have been doing this for a few weeks to prep myself.
  8. SCP13

    SCP13 Member

    Hi all, can i join you too?

    Im a mum of 2 boys aged one 5years & my other is 7 months. Bpth me and my hubby want to loose weight and will be trying to follow the planat home. Neither of us have done slimming world in the past so its completely new to us. Ive done quite abit of reading up on it.

    Think hardest thing will be lunches for hubby. He works in an office with no way of heating food. So i think im going to have to get abit creative.
  9. willfitskinnyjeans

    willfitskinnyjeans Gold Member

    Can I join back to I've lost my way completely need some support x
  10. ann313

    ann313 New Member

    Please can I join, I have done slimming world previously. Im new to this site.
    I have woken up this morning with an I can do it attitude ! :)
  11. littlestars

    littlestars Member

    Well today is the start of getting to my goal! This morning I had a good breakfast, and I feel very satisfied!

    How are you all going to keep tabs on what you are eating? I am *********ing all of my meals (hayleycovell80) if anyone wants to follow me!

    I am collecting lots of sw recipes and can't wait to try some new things.
    I weighed myself yesterday, I actually have to go outside with the scales as they are putting me at goal weight in the house (if only). I think I might start a diary on here too.

    I have downloaded the excel thing on here too its really good motivation :)

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  12. willfitskinnyjeans

    willfitskinnyjeans Gold Member

    How's everyone got on? I've avoided treats at cinema, ice creams and McDonald's :)
  13. RosiePops

    RosiePops Gold Member

    I've done appallingly. Like even worse than my usual off plan days lol. Think I had "Sunday" mentality, I will start tomorrow! It's star week and we had a BBQ that involved bread and alcohol- though that is all I've had other than fruit!
    Well done for resisting all that temptation, stick at it! I'm making ss soup tomorrow, anyone ever tried it?
  14. willfitskinnyjeans

    willfitskinnyjeans Gold Member

    When I'm good I'm amazing when I let slide I crash and burn I just have to stay focused week after week my problem is I won't loose 4 stone have some good days I need to be more long term.

    No I'm not a huge fan of soup but I've heard it's a hit alot do like it x
  15. littlestars

    littlestars Member

    I have had a pretty good first day. Feel full, haven't used my hexb or all of my milk allowance ...think I might have a weetabix before bed but I am not really that bothered!

    We can only do our best, tomorrow is another day! I have already made my lunch for work tomorrow, think we might have spag bol with quorn for tea, never had it before.

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  16. RosiePops

    RosiePops Gold Member

    Well done on your successful first day, you sound very organised for tomorrow :) if you haven't cooked with quorn mince before it can be really lovely, try and allow some time for your bol to simmer away for a while and a good pinch of salt and a smidge of sweetener really helps if using tinned toms.
    I am usually ok with soup but not really suited to this nice weather! I just want to feel full lol
    You sound focused to me! We will get there :)
    Rosie x
  17. Donnaxxx

    Donnaxxx Full Member

    Hi all can I join am startin tomoz I have about 6 stone to lose x
  18. littlestars

    littlestars Member

    Of course Donna, good luck x

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  19. swgm

    swgm Full Member

    Im a rejoiner after almost losing 4 1.2 stone last year i've unfortunaltey put 2 half on due to bad eating.
    I Started last Tuesday and i've had a great week on plan. I will buddy up as I will need the help I can get, it seems a bit harder second time round.

    I know though if I have one great week it should continue.
  20. willfitskinnyjeans

    willfitskinnyjeans Gold Member

    Hi everyone, everyone had a good day, my first day back at Uni today was hard resisting Uni bar lunch but lots of friends take pack up so I wasn't to bothered. I'm feeling really hungry come 4.30 when I drive home so tomorrow I'm packing an apple.
  21. RosiePops

    RosiePops Gold Member

    Hiya, glad you had a good day :) im back to uni tomo and got a pasta lunch made ready. grapes are quite good when driving too!
    I usually need a pick me up around the same time.
    Had a good day today too, ready for the month now :)

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