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Junk Food


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I think I am actually addicted :(

I was just wondering from all those people who have been on LT for a while if my cravings for junk food will go???

Im not even hungry and can gladly walk through the canteen and be fine, but when it comes to the thought of imagining myself havin a maccies of something it knocks me sick I want one that bad :(

Im hoping this programme will banish my cravings for junk food as that is the main reason Im here now.

But do you think it will???????????????????????????????
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This is my 5th day on the lipotrim and to be honest the hunger hasnt gone completely - some parts of the day are harder than others. But i cant stop thinking about junk food, healthy food - and just food in general. I keep imagining my food plan when i go onto re feeding.
Im not sure if thats a good thing - but for example when I have my first lunch - im gonna do a breast of chicken in the george foreman and either have it with a bit of salad or cut it up and put in the lt soup cuz i like that soup. It helps a bit!
trust me, I've been on lipotrim for over 3months now and the cravings do dissappear....

I not saying you dont still think things like "ooohhh I'd love a big mac!!" but the strong desire and need for bad foods just goes.... I think round about week 3-4 everything feels better.

This diets gets easier with time :)


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Some of the people on here post how after ssing they were scared of eating again. I never had this problem. I never lost the craving for 'bad' foods. I just had to learn self control. I was not hungery after about day 4, but I still want all those devilish foods my hubby and daughter eat. I think we are all different and some struggle more then others:(. Good luck hun.x


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I lost my craving for junk food totally!! And i lived on chocolate and take aways! I am now maintaining and am not remotely tempted by any junk food whatsoever!!:D xx


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I do hope the cravings go,I couldnt go a day wothout crisps and chocolate and if I was nearby a Maccy D's or Bk then I could have happily ate a large meal.Not too bad,in third week now,could still eat one mind you x


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You're such a great inspiration Tracy! I have been on LT 9 weeks now and I can honestly say the thought of junk food makes me feel sick, all that fat. Lipotrim is so sweet I think it's getting rid of my sweet tooth, I never want anything chocolate, strawberry or vanilla flavoured ever again.


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Lol thanks hun, honestly though i have never eaten healthily in my entire life! I hve had to ask people how to cook healthy foods, i didnt even know what most foods were lol (thanks Lil x). I ate chocolate everyday and lots of it. I have been refeeding for 3 weeks and i tried a bit of chocolate and it did nothing for me at all so i swapped it for an apple!! Refeeding is great, everything tastes nice and different so there really is no need to add things like butter etc. Woohoo if i can do it ..... xxxx


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just think what actually goes in to junk food that is enough to put you off for life and after a bit even the smell of mcds makes you heave its things like prawns and cucumber that do it for me xx
I think i would probably be afraid to eat food again when im soo use to LT which it was only 1 week


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i never really ate junk food before well apart from chocolate which was my major downfall so im wondering how thatll be when i eventually try it again :) the only thing that i really crave is a bowl of healthy museli, fruit and dairy free yogurt with rice milk then i think i will have died and gone to heaven lol (im vegan) x

h x


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or i was before i started LT for 3 years..ive actually been thinking about being veggie when i come off and having bacon if i really fancy it lol think ill see how it goes

h x


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Oh my goodness you are all saints!!

I do enjoy lovely healthy Salads and I love Ryvitas, but I still am partial to a pizza or a curry. I say all in moderation. A bit of what you fancy does you good, if you don't fancy it your very lucky!!!

xx Cathy xx

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I'm with Shazpaz, Yes I like eating healthy as it makes you feel good about yourself controlling those calories but there is an awesome indian round the corner from my house (which I used to be a regular at i'm sorry to admit). I will go back there again sometime when i'm eventually off LT but like you said in moderation. You have to have a treat at somepoint or you'll go mad! Even if you're treat is celery lol
Same as you there hevgsd All I think of is the good food, I could still kill a Kentucky,Indian,chinky,burger,chippy,pizza,mexican and full english.....but besides that Im with you;)
AWWWWW she looks happy..................did she get best of breeds :Dx

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