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Just -1lb


Restart 3/9/2013
Feeling a bit gutted - only lost 1lb this week :(

Had the night off last thursday night as was my brothers leaving do (he moved to Menorca today for 6 months), annoyingly was violently ill that night, so didnt even get to enjoy what I ate, and I bloody only lost 1lb as a result.

Sorry just feel a bit gutted as my losses have been so good until now!

100%SS all week this week - really hope the scales rack up a decent loss next week as a result. Wanted another 13 lb off by the end of July (2 more weigh ins before I go away) and suddenly its just not looking terribly likely :sigh:
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Restart 3/9/2013
Thanks hun, I really blooming hope so!


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oh dont worry hopefully ul have a great loss next week

i only lost 2lbs this week but i have eaten quite alot so i deserve it
I only lost 1lb this week (STS last week!) and I've stuck to ss 100% for the last 2 weeks!:cry:
I know how you feel hun...you made that doctors appointment yet by the way???;)


Restart 3/9/2013
Yes went today. Going to have a scan next week some time to confirm whether it is gall stones or not. Doc has basically said DONT EAT FAT lol. She knows I am on CD and happy for me to continue as obviously not affecting the pain (which is non-existant thank god).

She has said that if it is definately gall stones, she will wait until I have got most of the weight off before referring me to the surgeon, as long as I remain well obviously! Which is fine by me - apart from anything else it will stop me eating crap!!!


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Please don't fret about the 1lb loss. I've had that the last 2 weeks.
Just think, you're bound to have a good loss next week. :D


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the whoosh fairy will be with you soon hon. no worries. just think, all these little losses are preparing your body to get rid of the excess water it's picked up in weeks to come. stick with it and you'll get a great result soon :D
abz xx


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If I have read your sig correctly you have lost 36lbs since 09/06/08? That's blooming brilliant - in one month you have lost 36lbs:D:D:D

A 1lb loss can be disheartening but you are doing so amazingly well - look at the overall piccie rather than the weekly loss. Our bodies will never do what we expect but I am sure you will have a fantastic loss next week.

Good luck and take care:)


Restart 3/9/2013
Thanks everyone. Im not disheartened - more determind than ever to stick with it having seen the effect one day off with one bad meal can have on my weight loss!!!!

Buzzing a bit today - had a busy day at work with clients so have been drinking back to back black coffee since 9am!!!! Have been so busy I didnt have my first shake until 5pm! oops. oh well, going to have a shake and a bar a bit later on to see me through the day
Don't worry yourself about it - for the past 2 weeks I have only lost a 1lb a week and have been doing SS 100% but I have lost 4 inches so I'm sure you will have a good loss next time and inch loss too!

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