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  1. sherina

    sherina Member

    cambridge diet
    hi all. got through my first day100%:D
    i just wanted to ask three things: :confused:
    a)is it O.K. to drink 500ml water in one go?
    b)i used ground cinnamon in my porridge, have i messed up?
    c)how can i tell if im in ketosis?

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  3. georgie12345

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    Well done on surviving day one. In answer to your questions:
    a- I should think so
    b- I've heard that quite a few people add cinnamon to porridge but there is an apple and cinnamon flavour which you can get from your CDC
    c- It usually takes 3-4 days to get into ketosis. You'll know when you get there as you'll stop feeling hungry and will be able to resist 'normal' food much more easily :)
  4. bingbong

    bingbong Full Member

    it is best to stagger the water intake, but I don't think that 500ml will kill you :)
    I add cinnamon to my porridge, only a little but it really helps. I don't like the apple and cinnamon flavour. I also add a sweetener tablet.
    And as Georgie said, when you aren't hungry then you are in ketosis. Well done on getting through day 1, I found the first few days the hardest but so worth it.
  5. biltsy

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    cd started 19/1 09 now ww started 1/4/09
    hi sherina

    congrats on getting through day one

    i drink my water in 750ml bottles and sometimes will drain it down real quick, but i stagger them through the day, so use about 4 to 6 bottles a day..
    i also love cin in my porridge even if its already that flavour..
    and you'll know when you get into ketosis, honest,,,,
  6. YummyMummy04

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    The others have already answered your questions but i just wanted to say well done on getting thro your 1st day and it does get easier (honest).

    Good luck
  7. That's_So_Fetch

    That's_So_Fetch Gold Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Hi hun, i agree that the others have answered your questions but i thought i'd give you my answers.

    a.) I wouldnt drink 500ml it all in one go. I would space it out over 1-2 hours, thats what i do.
    b.) I dont like the porridge so i'm not sure about this but i dont think you've messed it up from what everyone else has said. Check with your CDC and maybe try the apple and cinnamon porridge.
    c.) You can tell if you're in Ketosis if you get a metal taste in your mouth and/or a furry tongue. You wont feel hungry and you'll have lots of energy and generally feel good in yourself. You can also try ketosis sticks which you pee on and if you're in ketosis they go a pinky colour. But i would avoid these as they are not always accurate and can get addictive. If you do SS 100% for 3-4 days you will definatley be in Ketosis

    Congrats on getting through day 1, we all know how difficult that can be so well done babez and as YM mentioned below, it does get alot easier.

    Good luck sweets xx
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