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Just a load of bol..........


Always welcome new m8's!
Yeah you knew where i was going with that!

So yesterday i took my nieces to the cinema and totally resisted the hot dogs, popcorn, fizzy and omg...malteasers and was pretty pleased with myself. Had a good cry last night as soo hungry so rather than eat i had a 4th shake.

Today major stressed out morning as i had panel to be approved as a foster carer (i was approved..yay!:D) but wanted to turn to food as i was just so pi**ed off. I didnt and made a home made punch bag!
I got an old pillow case and stuffed it with old towels and punched the living hell out of it. Felt good until my arms felt like lead!

But felt more positive so i go to make my cousins dinner and i eat some mince!!! WTF! I quickly served it up and now hiding in my bedroom! it was less than a teaspoon full but im so angry!

Oh Fibraclear sucks big time! does nothing.

Just in general a few real sucky days. But grrrrr!
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you should be proud of yourself a very stressful two days you survived hot dogs popcorn and the rest of the crap they sell in the cinema what willpower. i remember my mum and dad having the panel review for fostering so i understand 1 tsp of mince will not kill you put it behind have a lovely bubblebath go to bed tomorrow is a new day good luck with the fostering


a new way of living!
oh crickey I dont even mention my mini slips any more! I stick to LT 99.5% of the time, occasssionally i have a tiny teeny taste of something, non carb usually, and usually very unsatisfying!

but tbh, as i dont have a major slip, and i dont go on to eat more, i just put it down to curiosity and carry on.

I dont reccommend it as it can make you crave something, but so far for me it just puts me off stuff, no idea what i will eat afterwards!

dont give yourself a hard time, but dont give yourself excuses either, it is what it is. just a miniscule amount of something that prob did not deliver taste wise anyway!

The way I see it is...LT is treatment for food addiction. Alcoholics and gambling addicts (or addicts of anything!) usually have slips but we'd never advise them that after breaking or cracking or 'slipping' or 'blipping' to just give up giving up. I think trying to get over food reliance like this is harder becasue we actually need food to live! lol Thats why the impulse to eat is soooooooo hard to resist. I had a blip last night but I didn't even post about it because I know if I make a big fuss and get ppls encouragement I'll only feel sorry for myself more -and want to eat more. Or even think its ok to do it again.

You had a slip. Stop beating yourself up and keep going. You WILL get there. ;)

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