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just a moan!


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Well I have just been to family planning (only repeat pill so don't get excited lol!) As it's routine the doctor asked me if my health was ok.. I proudly announced I had lost 1 and half stones since my last visit. She was very happy for me and asked what diet i was following. She said "My sister has been following that plan for ages, it's a volume thing with her. She eats punnets of plums and says its free food, but there is still sugar in them. You know there is free food and free food".. huh??? I kinda get what she is saying but thats the whole point of SW. If its free its free! I mean i dont eat whole punnets of plums but even if i did its on plan! I just sat there with my gob tightly shut and was getting myself in a bit of an angry state...then she asked to take my blood pressure:mad:

That asside she was a nice doctor lol
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Maybe she just wants you to be careful, I wouldn't let it get you down and just concentrate on the positive that she was pleased with your lose and remember you have the exeperience of the plan at first hnd and it is easy for people to but the two pence worth in with the knolwedge they think they are helping, I dealt it was not intented to be malicious:D
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It's a stange thing this... I do SW with a group of friends and there are a couple of girls in the office who also follow the plan.

So..... inevitably the chat is about SW, anyway we have this woman in the office who is a veggie or a vegan or something, I can never quite remember which. She wanted to join and was asking us all about it. She joined a class local to her and after 3 or 4 days in, I saw her in the kitchen at work and she was preparing her lunch (we're lucky we have a great kitchen) - OMG, now I know you can have free food but seriously, I'd never seen a portion so big, my OH is 6'8" and isn't a small man but he doesn't eat that much :eek: :eek:

So free food, is free but surely it's in moderation as opposed to stuffing yourself to bursting just cos it's "free"...

And would you believe it - her very first week she lost 1/2lb, she was clearly very disappointed. But...next day she was telling everyone who'd listen that SW was rubbish, wasn't suited to Veggies (erm... green days??!!) and that she wasn't going back.

Nik - I'm just posting this in this thread because of what the Dr said lol, not cos I think this could be you :eek:
Was your blood pressure unusually high that day? :8855:

If the plan wasnt widely accepted to be effective and useful, there is no way in hell that the NHS would fund people attending it. Heck, even my own GP admits to his wife being a member while he follows the plan!


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S: 17st12lb C: 14st9lb G: 10st13lb Loss: 3st3lb(18%)
Im over it now guys- I think it was just her putting her two pence worth in without actually knowing the facts lol. I don't over do my portion sizes but if im hungry and its free- im gonna have it lol! xx


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Really I think you are both saying the thing. Yes there are free foods, but even free foods have the potential to affect your weight losses if eaten to excess. So moderation in all thing - eat to satisfy your hunger and not beyond.
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What is it with these health officials? I recently had to get my repeat prescription and the nurse didn't want to give it to me, because even though I'd lost 1.5 stone, I was only JUST below the save BMI. I say below, as I'd alwaes been above it and was given the pill with no hesitation! I came out of there fuming!

Yes, your GP was just pointing out there there is sugar in plums and that free food wasn't alwaes free, but come on, look what you've lost whilst being at SW! Why can't they just be happy that we're doing something about out weight, eh? ;)

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