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Just a Moaning Thread!


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Well I thought I would start a thread for anyone that wants a moan! Doesn't have to be LT related! Anything really.

So I'll start the ball rolling! Bored, fed up, hungry, tired, feeling crap. Roll on 3 more hours and baby will be going to bed and I can follow!

Don't know why but finding it very hard today. Food is driving me mad. Have a committee meeting tomorrow and it will go over lunch. Will have to feign a sick tummy! Not even in the mood for it!

My teenage son is driving me nuts too!

OK that's me done! Anyone else?????
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Awww your daughter is soooo adorable!!

I find LT harder at the weekends, as we dont have work etc to take our minds off it!

Stick with it honey :D

No moaning from me, I have done enough of that today lol


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Ah honey :hug99: hope you perk up soon!

Me? Moan? Never!!! hahaha

actually, i dont have anything to moan about at the minute .... im sure i could find something haha


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Sara - I'm the same today. Feeling very fed up and really want the chocolate birthday cake that the kids are eating :cry:. Going to a friends tonight and they'll all be sitting eating and drinking.

Feel like Billy no mates.


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My son is eating chips and curry sauce beside me here!!!! I actually went to the chippy and got them for him! Going up to bed soon to watch tv! Can't get in too much trouble then!

Roll on weigh in on Wed....feels like it is about a month away!!

Do you know I never would have gotten through today without the games arcade on this board!!!


One last chance
Aww sara, it must be harder with kids. I would'n't know since I don't have any. But hang in there, thigns will pick up :).

My moan:
I am sick to death of how selfish, unapreciative and childish my 21 year old sister is!

Whenever it comes to food, she is a fricken bottomless pit! and it's going straight down to her thighs and arse! She completely takes food for granted and wastes it! The fridge had rice ok? she was trying to cook curry, which came out horrible, and she started making more rice. I told her, use the rice in the fridge and stop wasting food. She was being all childish and screamed 'I WANT TO HAVE NEW RICE!'


Yesterday, my mum was cooking some fish for her and my sis. My older sis asks my mum for dinner, my mum says she's got fish cooking, and like a spoilt kid, she goes 'I hate fish!'

I can't beleive her! that is so bloody rude! I would kill right now to have some lovely fish, and she's just shunning it away like as if it's not fit enough for her!

My mum than sat down to eat and she was using some ketchup, and my sister goes 'Hey that's my ketchup!'


I know she was only on LT for 3 weeks, but that should'ave taught her something!



I will be skinny again!!!
My moan is my sister!!

She gets paid exactly the same amount I do, Yet keeps spending my money!

its my mums birthday today and we went shopping with her to get presents, I paid for all of it on my card, She hasnt even offered to give me the money and when my nanny asked what we got for my mum she said oh we got her clothes.

And we might be going out tonight if my mum is feeling better, So when we were at tescos I asked her if she was getting drink, She said no, I asked her to get me a half bottle of whisky and when they came out she had a litre bottle.. I was like why did you get that I asked for a half bottle? and she said Oh I thought Id have a drink too!


Sorry your having a bad day Sara, Get yourself to bed asap and curl up and have a good sleep!!

Good luck for tomorrow xxx
Hope you are feeling better today Sara, tough days like this are seldom thankfully.

I am bored in work, struggled to get out of bed this morning, but I think its catch-up from Saturday night. I had a night out and drank too much vodka (self inflicted), but now I feel fine, just bored bored bored.

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