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Hi Everyone,

I am fairly new here and wrote my first post last week.

Today i went to the info meeting and it was good, however they are unable to start me off immediately due to space etc and the earliest i can start is in approx 4-5 weeks time, however i rang another councillor (i live between the two) and i am starting on Monday.... i am very excited and have been preparing both mentally and diet wise over the last week or two- I have cut back on carbs, no alcohol and drinking approx 2.5litres of water a day.

My current BMI is 29.8 so i am on the cusp between the lite and total programme, however because i am looking to lose 4.5-5 stone they recommended the total and to be honest it sounds a lot simpler-no shopping involved etc---ideal!
My only real concern is that on the 7th February i am due at a work conference and there will be a meal in the evening. In addition i will be going to New York for a long weekend on the 11th Feb and to be honest i am slightly concerned about what to do. I am not necessarily worried about taking my packs with me, however as its a social trip we will be eating out in the evenings and am i to avoid alcohol (no matter of the qty) at all costs, what happens when you do?? I obviously want to commit to the programme 100% however i am curious how people manage when they have weekends/holidays away. These events are taking place in approx 3 weeks time and i will be just getting into the flow and i dont want to lose any focus as i am sooo determined to shed those stones,,, and pebbles :)

Any advice etc would be greatly appreciated..

Thanks for reading my essay xx

PS.... how do i get one of those ticker things???!!:D
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Hi there
When I went away for conferences/holidays I always took my packs.

If I didn't want people to know I wasn't eating I would pretend - shuffle food around my plate, cover my plate with a napkin so people couldn't see how much i had left - no one ever realised.

Drinking whilst in ketosis is not a good idea for your health so don't even think about it. Again 'pretend' if you don't want people to know!

Once you are into LL its really not worth deviating from the plan as it can mess up your weigh in - the initial 78lb loss will shoot back on and mentally this could then jepodise the rest of your journey.

Stay strong, it is perfectly do-able
Daisy x

PS tickerfactory.com

Pinkie :)

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many thanks!!

Wow...you orginally lost 3 stone in 7 weeks????
No, think she lost the 3 stone in 14 weeks, her stats in her signature are in 2 columns... ;)

Still really good loss though, huh? :)

Re advice, daisydoll said it all really. I started LLT on 1st Dec, so was abstinent all the way through Xmas... that included 2 x evening work do's (with sit down meals and open bar!), christmas day, new years, and a friends wedding dinner! And didn't come out of abstinence once. I had a pack before I went, had a bar in my bag, and drank water all night from a wine glass... anyone who asked, I said I was on antibiotics and so couldn't drink, and that they were making me feel a little queazy, so thought it best I don't eat! People fell for it completely, and then went about their business... easy peasy!

If you are determined, you can do it... No-one really cares if you eat or not, or drink for that matter... they are all way too busy doing their own thing... trust me!

I'm so glad I stuck to it too... as now, 7 weeks into the diet, I'm 2 stone lighter... and still not cheated once... if I'd let myself waver back then, who knows if I'd be struggling now... You know?

Stick with it, don't eat anything except your packs, keep having the water, and you'll have some great losses... and with each loss, you'll be that much getting closer to revealing the skinny person inside you! :D

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lol! 3 stone in 7 would have been impressive!
My signature is a bit confusing, sorry!
daisy x


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Hi Katinsky
If you are going to commit to doing LL then you need to be 100%o
in my opinion, or you are likely to waste your time,effort and money.
People find it very difficult to get back on track.
There will always be social or work or family occasions etc and reasons for feeling you need to participate.
You'll be amazed to find that he world keeps turning if you abstain.
You can still join in and enjoy yourself. It's a revelation and very empowering once you are in ketosis.
Good luck however you decide to do it.


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Hi, I am involved with a lot of events and this has been playing on my mind a little bit. I have decided to focus on my goal and remain commited to the LL. I will probably go and make some phone calls to remove myself from the situation and then later in the evening just drink water to keep myself topped up as it is easy not to drink what i should when i am busy during the day. As the packs are so easy to make it will not be difficult to mix one up quickly.
It all seems so simple in my mind, but I am sure the temptations will be challenging on the day! :) x