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Just about to start.....


Bought CDC months ago and only managed a day and a half, felt sick and really bad headaches, but want to try again.

One problem I face is part of my job involves quite a lot of lunches and dinners with customers, and would find it impossible to take a shake to a restaurant and also to explain why I am not eating. What do other people do in similar situations?

Also I imagine I will feel the same as the last time, and have heard that first 3 days are worst, so was thinking of starting on a Friday to try and do this, is there a good day to start or is everyone different?
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maybe you could do the ss+ , take your 3 shakes when you can and when your going to a restaurant add a low cal meal from the yellow book ( salad, steamed veg, fish etc)
Im sure the losses would still be fantastic!
good luck with what ever you do x


loving life
Hi, the first 3 days are the worst but the headaches and sickness will stop so stick it out if you can because on day 4 I felt great. SS+ will allow you to fit those client luches in if you try doing as Miss Mallow suggest above. Good luck Zoe xx
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Hey, I had the same problem last time I did the diet, but I don't invite so many clients out for lunch now I'm doing it again!

When I have to go I'd have a chicken salad or you can say you're having blood tests so can't eat, or make up some other excuse. Some people just get a soup made up. I wouldn't choose to do that, but would be happy telling most of my clients that I'm dieting and therefore not eating.

Whatever you do, best of luck. It is possible with a busy social/work life.
I have to sit down to a beautiful meal every day with kids I supervise and that's been so difficult but I've done it so far. I've just had a glass of water and said that I didn't really feel like eating (lie - selling my soul for vanity!) I suppose I've tried to imagine how eating the food makes me feel - bloated and fat, and that's helped.
Also, like you, I tried this diet a few years ago and got to about day 3 and was crying and depressed cos I love food so much. How awful is that! It's not been so bad this time but I have my moments. The last time I had no support. This forum will really help I'm sure. I'm obsessed with diet just now and it's virtually all i can think about.

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