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Just ate scan bran for the first time and.....


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they are not nice are they!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Apparently some of the recipes made with them are nice. am going to buy some this week and try the feror rocher (apologies for spelling) But then i think anything with nutella on it must be lush.
make them into a cake - much nicer, almost palatable.

Soak scan bran in boiling water to soften
Beat 2 eggs, add to that loads of sweetener (or to taste), 2 hot choc options, then the softened scan bran. Put in small microwaveable dish and microwave for 7 1/2 mins - done!

lol! i tried it once and thought it was vile and have never tried it since! i have a friend who keeps trying to convince me to give it another go for the ferrero rocher recipe, but i'm still not listening to him!


Now to maintain.....
i quite like them too!
i have mine with laughing cow/dairylea and a slice of ham on.and a chopped up apple on the side.


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it's on the slimming world website here you go.

Scan Bran Ferrero Rocher
Syns: 26 Syns for 30, 1 Syn each
You will need:
8 Scan Bran
4 level tbsp Nutella
1 level tbsp Golden Syrup
1 tbsp water

  1. 1Place the Scan Bran into a food processor and reduce to crumbs.
  2. 2Mix all ingredients into the crumbled Scan Bran and divide up into petit four cases.
  3. 3This should make 30 'Rochers'.
Variation: Try replacing Nutella with white chocolate spread and adding 2oz/57g chopped fresh apricots.
This has danger written all over it for me! It will make 30...and i will eat 30!

Not going in my recipe book ;)


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how can it be 26 syns for 30 if it's 1 syn each????:confused:


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This has danger written all over it for me! It will make 30...and i will eat 30!

Not going in my recipe book ;)
Halve the recipe and according to that you will have 15 to eat and all for 13 syns so you can eat the lot as long as you are not eating many other syns during the day :)

I make cakes with scan bran using the options method but I then add to it different flavourings Orange to make a choc orange cake, coconut mmmmm, Almond double mmmmm, Mint options to make a choco mint cake the list is endless just use the basic recipe and add in whatever you fancy just dont forget to syn it if it has syns :) I always separate my eggs too so the whites are fluffy makes the cake double in size
A lady at my group made a carrot cake thingy with scan bran and brang it in for us all to taste and it was yummy !! x


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that's true Madamelaminx.
I do want to try these, will let you all know what they're like.


shrinking granny
I crumble mine and add to my porrige or on top of a yogurt

I need them to keep the back door opening or else I get bunged up :9529:

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