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Just been to Frankie and Bennys..............

boys had one of their yummy pizzas.......vic had a yummy steak and chips and I had.................

........a chicken salad and a bottle of fizzy water! It was very yummy!!!
My dinner came with 2 pieces of garlic bread which I straight away handed to the boys!:p

I love F+B's...........but decided to be good., the only really hard thing was the guy opposite us was having my favourite pudding.........crunchy maple syrup waffle!!!!!!!!!!!:crazy::drool:Still it was him, consuming a million calories............ not me!!!

Hoping to loose a pound or so at wi tomorrow and to stick with it and not go and have another wi day...day off!!!! this I have been doing for the past couple of weeks and its really starting to annoy me!!!
I have been back on CD for 3 weeks now and have only lost 10lb so far...I know this is still 10lb but by CD and by my past record I know I can do so much better than this!!!(but its only me that can do it!!0

Anyway pleased with myself in F+B's just need to keep myself in the zome over the next couple of days!

Hope you have all had a good day and weekend.
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Queen of the Damned
Well done for staying so strong at F&B :clap:
Excellent well done!! My family have done nothing but scoff all weekend :D Sausage rolls, chineses takeaway, and then a mcdonalds for lunch today, and I've had...nothing! Just drank my water (and glared at them haha)

I know I would have really enjoyed the food but would have felt dreadful afterwards - I want to be slim more than I want to eat junk, that's my mantra lol
Well done!
I sat through people eating last night and my best friends husband waving it under my nose!!
She stuck with me and didn't eat any either as she is on ww and wanted her points for alcohol!!
Well done for being so strong. I have just cooked a roast dinner for my lot and I have come upstairs while they eat it. I didn't have a problem cooking it but I have better things to do that watching them eat!!
Well done, that's great control. I'm yet to eat out (or not as the case may be) You can always tell a SSer, they're the ones licking pizza hut windows hee hee.

I sometimes come over all superior thinking 'oh greedy guzzlers' but then remember I am most definately the biggest still
Wow - that's willpower - I love Frankie and Benny's and they just put my favourite pasta off the lunchtime menu onto the main menu - and I can't have it... Bah!
Wow!!! What amazing self will power!!!!

I wish I was as strong and caved in at the weekend (won't go into exactly what I had as I will embarrase myself!!!).
I am re-starting as of Wednesday, but will continue to stick to the plan until then...I may be pleasantly surprised at CDC's, but I very much doubt it!!!

Anyway, enough of me feeling sorry for myself!!! Well done You!!!!!
oooh, how cool. Well done!

I got an interview in thenew frankie and bennys in 4 hours, must make a good impression eh? no nibbling till april though, must get into size 10-12 jeans xxx