Just been to my first Weigh in and .....

YAYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done, sweetie - that's fantastic news!!!!!!!

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Thank You Thank you Thank you!

Thanks Isobel, my fav pic of my daughter, I BF for 10 months and very very proud of it, as every single person in my family told me not too!!

I lost 10 pounds ! woohoo
Hey....was it 10lbs you lost?

Or was it 10lbs!!!!!!!

Am so chuffed for you, hun!

Well, I got lots of disapproving comments when I breastfed my first for 13 months and my second for 15months. My poor lil runt of the litter only got mummy milk for 6 weeks cos I ran out of milk when I had to go back to work and was just sooooo stressed! Bless her!
That is absolutely brilliant!!!! Well done
You've stuck with it all week Angela and have reaped the reward!! What a fabulous loss :D

Just one more week and you can start on those bars - think how fast this week flew by: it won't be long now!
Thank you everyone!!

Off to bed now, knackered!

Chat in the morning. I discovered I can log on at work ! hee hee!
there will be no stopping me now!

Bloody bloody well done, I bet you are so thrilled, I could get on the roof tops and shout it with you!!!!!!!!!!!
Well done hun, Im proud of you
Angela you are as STAR ! 10lbs, 10 whole lbs!!!!!!! You must be so chuffed, it has taken me 4 weeks cal counting to lose 10lbs. Not that I'm complaining, slow and steady is fine for me this time, because this time is the last time! Keep up the good work honey, love