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just Bullion cubes.

Hi all,

Well I have just started week 13 and I have to be honest and say that I am starting to get a little tired of the shakes and soups so much so that last week I was only having 2 packs a day as I could not face the third. So Here I am wondering if bullion is ok on SS. just to break up the monotomy of it all and to have something different.


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Hi, I have marigoild veg Bouillon drink. It is simular to the cambridge veg water flavouring and was recommended on here. It's lovely and I usually have it in the evening's if I am craving something savoury. You can find it in Tesco's and it's a powder in a green tub with an orange lid. Zoe xx
hiya, must be low salt version of marigold to deter weight gain due to salt giving you water retention! its great with pepper on.


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Hiya, thanks for that. I'm just getting a bit miffed last 28lb is proving to be a killer. so close yet soooo far.
you really need to make sure that your having the correct amount of packs per day hun!!!!

The packs have the necessities in to stop your body going into starvation mode....which when your only having 2 packs a day is a likely reason why the weight just isnt shifting anymore...your body is desperately trying to stop you from becoming ill!

PLEASE...you have done so well, and dont have too far to go now on SS, so please start having your correct amount of packs per day....then have the veg stuff too to keep you on track!

My weight is still shifting!!!! I have been losing 3-4lb for the last 6 weeks. And I know by not having all of my packs I am losing nutrition. but I just couldn't stomach another one.

The problem is is after 13 weeks of 100% i'm starting to gag on the packs.


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Yes, you really must have the 3 packs. Have you tried the tetras as they are quick to drink, or the mix a mousse which will give a different texture.

The marigold stuff is a no no really because of the salt content, but CD do their own version which should be okay.

I used to have my choc tetra with coffee. Half a choc tetra, with hot water and a tsp? of coffee (I used to just put it in my morning filter coffee). Doesn't taste anything like a shake LOL, but a dreamy cappuccino. The best in town ;)

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