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Just curious .............


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I have told people about being on LT on a need to know basis (can't be bothered with all the usual comments) as far as I am concerned it's one of the best thing's I have ever done!
So I am just curious ..... for everybody who has done brilliantly with their weight loss with LT - How long was it before people started to notice and ask you if you had lost weight or whatever? :)
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People started to comment on my weight loss after about a month. If they asked me what diet I was on I just told the truth.My Dad was a little worried at first , but he is cool with it now as he can see how happy & healthy I am. I have been so lucky not to have received any negative comments :D.


Says it as it is!!!
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i told those i wanted to know from the start .. i dropped a size in 2 weeks so people noticed straight off!!!
Just tell em and if they start on at you side step the convo and thats it!!
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I'm like you and only told a few people I'm on LT. Those who know are always complimenting me which is lovely and a real ego boost. Those who don't know only really started to notice after I had lost quite bit, about 3 stone.

You start to wonder if you are losing it then suddenly everyone is commenting!

3 stone before anyone noticed, and believe it or not someone mentioned it today........silly old fart!! I'd rather they said nothing lol
"Nowt na stranger than folk"!
people have started to notice the last few days on me but I think its only because the button in by work uniform dosnt look like its goin to pop and take someones eye out
UNIFORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Which one ???????


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Only a couple of people know what I'm doing (by me telling them). My OH, kids and of course Miss Brite. I reckon that peeps at work know I'm doing it as Miss Brite has been open and honest about it recently- I just can't be bothered to tell them! (They were very negative about the whole thing to begin with). However, I dropped a stone in 2 weeks and people started to notice and comment. I think it depends on how much you have to lose... and where you lose it from!

rainbow brite

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Pretty much until today and yesterday lol

As for the being open and honest, it was less noble sounding than that and more a case of I just couldn't be arsed any more! lol I've lost and that's all the convincing I need so if someone wants to be negative about it feck 'em coz I'm walking proof that it sodding well works!
Some people at work noticed after two weeks saying they could tell the difference in my face. None of my friends have commented on the change yet. I' ve just told people I've stopped drinking, cut out all the nice things I used to enjoy etc....so I'm not lying but just not telling them about having no food! Told them I don't mind doing this for the short term to see the results. x


Love God; Love People
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Those who don't know only really started to notice after I had lost quite bit.....
You start to wonder if you are losing it then suddenly everyone is commenting!

Yeah, I'm getting loads of comments now and even doing double takes of myself in the mirror -oohaah!;)
I've only told 1 work colleague, a friend, obviously my OH and my parents.

Can't believe no-ones clocked on at work though, cos I normally pick all day!!

Can't wait till I've lost enough for someone to comment on though x

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