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Just did something stupid!!!


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I was clearing up the lunch meeting, and I just put a piece of cheese in my mouth, I did not even think just did it. Now I feel like an idiot!!!! I know it was just a small piece but that is hardly the point :eek::eek::eek::eek:
its the first time I have done something other that the diet in 7 weeks and am cross with myself.

I am going to go outside for a cig and have a talk to myself and then have more water and get ready to fess up tonight at weigh in.
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Smart move - at least you realised quickly. Bad habits are hard to break so remember how cross you were next time you are tempted. Move on now and put it behind you. xx
Its alright - i've slipped today - a small handful of peanut M&Ms.

Its that TOTM and i have been craving carbs dreadfully over the past few days.

I'm annoyed but there you go - its done now.

A small piece of cheese - at least its protein - well done for stopping immediately.
One slip in 7 weeks is nothing really. Get back on that wagon and carry on as normal. That is what I am going to do.
Both of you put it behind you, remember how long we have all been putting things in our mouth (now behave:eek:) without thinking.

It is gonna take a while to get completely out of the habit and it nice to know that we are at least now acknowledging what we are doing.
Do you tell you LLC when you make a slip? How can you recover weight wise from a slip? I know you get right back on the wagon but what do you do about not letting it show up on the scales?
Miraculously, I have not had a slip so far. If I were too, I would definately tell my LLC. Thats what they are there for. And yeah, really all you can do is get back on the wagon. Its up to your body whether or not it shows on the scales or not - not much you can do to control it. Some have extra water to hope to flush it through.

Chin up Tange - sounds more like an unconscious blip, just an old habit trying to surface! Doubt it will cause you much trouble. I bet you just wanted to slap your hand! Bless you. I almost did that with a grape - stopped with a look of horror on my face before I popped it in. My inlaws just looked at me as if I was crazy. :D


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Hi All,

Yes I am not going to let this one get me down, I have moved on. It happened I was not thinking big deal. I know it really was not that significant I guess its just I was being such a good girl then did something silly.

I have already sent my LLc a text telling her what a silly girl I have been.
Well extra treadmill session for me this week, smile in place head up demons in their own space where I cannot find them.

I must say I have read some posts where people have blipped and I always thought I wonder if I will be brave enough to spill the beans. You know I think its the right thing to do, that way you have to own up and cannot justify it to yourself just to do it again.

Luckily weigh in tonight, I sort of feel like i have not lost much this week not sure why, I did not do my exercise like I should have last week. I love my sessions and usually come back from them feeling alot stronger and motivated.

My advice though would be don't do it, one feels to horrible after.



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Well you are not alone because after doing LL for 3 weeks I had a slip Sunday night with a piece of pizza. I felt bloated and sick to my stomach that I could have done such a thing. When I told my hubby he was so shocked that I did that. In fact I felt very judged and critised by him but I know it was because he was disappointed with me and for me but it did not help.

Do you tell you LLC when you make a slip? How can you recover weight wise from a slip? I know you get right back on the wagon but what do you do about not letting it show up on the scales?
Hi Ms I am for sure going to hit the treadmill with a vengeance this week. I know that what I had was very small and probably insignificant but no matter I will work harder. Besides I was a lazy moo last week.

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