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Just dropping in to say hi

I haven't been posting much. I still read them all though just to keep myself motivated but I really just haven't had anything to report!

All is going well, and I seem to be over my naughty stage ...although I might have had 1 or 2 grapes the past couple of days :rolleyes:

All in all I'm finding things a bit easier though. However I still don't feel that my willpower is as strong as it was. I'm a bit worried as I'm going out tomorrow night and there will be a buffet there. I might just have to disappear off early as I cannot face watching other people eat just now.

I'm still determined to do this though. Although weight loss has been slow the last couple of weeks I think things will start to improve (I hope). I'd like to get 4 lbs off this week so that I can at last say that I have less than 100lbs to lose.

Anyway, that's me....I just didn't want you all to think I'd given up. Still hanging in there!

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Have a serene day!!
Hiya TM long time no speak, glad to see you are still sticking to it.

This is what I was struggling with a couple of weeks ago and defo last week. Monday came and I stuck to it and I am now on day 4 SSing and am feeling good.

As Jasminecdc would say, one hour at a time and I have to say that is good advice.

But you are strong and you will get through it I promise and I am holding your hand across the ether.

Take care and big hugs.
Aww that you Carolyn, That's nice.

Well done on getting on with SSing. You're doing fab as always. I might end up having to do SS myself if I keep picking!!

Thanks for the support.



Have a serene day!!
I will support you all the way hun!

Take care I am signing off now (working late - Children broke up today) Will catch up with you tomorrow.

Hugs and even more hugs.

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