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    Hi guys,

    Im on my 5th week of Lipotrim at the moment.

    I am sitting in bed at the moment with a swollen lip, sore jaw and cuts all down my face. I had just got out the bath, went outside for a cigarette then woke up with my face on the floor! This is the first time I have ever fainted and Im a little scared.

    To be honest I havent been keeping to the recommended water intake. I just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced fainting on lipotrim. Or if anyone could guess what caused it.
    Since Ive started the diet, I get dizzy whenever I stand up too quick, again this hasnt happened before.

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  3. havetodoit

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    hey, i also feel dizzy on this diet and sometimes feel weak in the legs.
    i have only completed week 2. but i think it has to do with lack of sugar in the body, especially for me as i used to eat alot of choc!!! i try not to stand up too quick, think it helps!
  4. Devon Big Bird

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    I think you should get your blood pressure checked ladies... If not a pregnancy test? (Sorry)... x
  5. Chiku

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    17/06/11 started Xenical
    I had almost collapsed yesturday had mentioned it to my Dr and was asked if i had drunk much water yesturday morning. Which I hadn't as i was too busy sorting a few things out along side other appointments. He had said that not drinking enough water can cause faintness if not fainting.

    So please Joee86 and to you all (again) Please make sure that you consume the minimum recommended amount of water which is 2 litres. If not it could cause serious damage to your liver or kidneys (can't remember which one but it can damage one of those organs)
  6. radical1

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    Lipotrim TFR
    Joee, ive had the same scary experience, not on Lipotrim but on Atkins. I know its dead scary but try not to let it upset you too much. In my experience, lack of blood sugar was the cause, and especially made worse since you had had a hot bath, then a fag... mine normally happen whenever i stand up, i feel the swirling head coming and can norm tell if i need to sit back down quick or not, its always best to get back down quick why you can to avoid injury if you actually faint.... id put it down to low blood sugar, hot bath, havin a fag... of course if you are really worried you should check with your doc but in my experience on whatever diet i am doing its common and just a side effect of being on a very strict diet... sorry about your injuries but like i say if you feel any slight change in dizzyness get low quick... all the best
  7. MiniB

    MiniB Here we go again!

    Hope you're feeling better today. I feel a little faint when I stand up too quickly, just have to take my time. Had this feeling now for weeks and had it last time on LT too. I drink plenty of water so it can't be that.

    Good luck and hope you're feeling better.
  8. size10bikini

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    Hi Joe, hope you are feeling better, that must have been scary, thanks for posting that, i'll make sure my water intake is always good. x
  9. Sueschoices

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    As I lost weight and took on more exercise my blood pressure dropped. Just before christmas I went to our local Tesco and was walking down the seasonal aisle for my last item of the shop, crackers!! I woke up face down, surrounded by people and an ambulance crew, I'd been out cold 20 minutes.

    The medical team at the hospital put it down to "One of those unexplainable things" and sent me home. Not had another episode since, but have been dizzy on standing. My Gp now uts it down to my low Bp.

    My advice is get checked out by someone medical because it could be a number of things.
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